Dental Plans

Proper dental care plays an important role in your overall good health. That’s why UC provides dental coverage for employees and eligible family members, including routine preventive care, oral surgery, dentures, bridges and braces. The dental plans are not subject to pre-existing conditions; however, costs for ongoing work (i.e. orthodontics) will be prorated. Both plans are administered by Delta Dental and employees choose between a Dental Preferred Organization (DPO), and PMI, a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO).

Delta DPO allows use of any dentist — higher benefits are paid when a Delta Preferred Provider is used. This plan has an annual maximum benefit of $1,500/calendar year ($1,700/calendar year when using Delta Preferred Providers), a $50/year deductible per person (maximum $150/family), and services are reimbursed at 75% for basic work (80% for Delta Preferred Providers) and 50% for major work. Preventative care is provided at 100% without the need to satisfy the annual deductible.

Delta Care requires the member choose a participating dental center. Members have a co-payment at the time of service and there are no deductibles or annual maximums. Restrictions apply for ongoing dental work, such as orthodontics.


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