Life Insurance

UC provides basic life insurance coverage at no cost to all eligible employees. Basic Life provides life insurance equal to your annual base salary, up to $50,000. The coverage amount is based on your UC salary and appointment rate at the time of enrollment and as of January 1 of each subsequent year. Core Life provides $5,000 of life insurance for employees not eligible for the basic life plan. Coverage under these plans is automatic dependent upon eligibility.

And, if you are eligible, you may buy additional coverage for yourself and your family members. Supplemental Life allows you to choose the amount of supplemental coverage that meets your needs up to the following limits:

Flat $20,000
One times your annual salary, up to $250,000
Two times your annual salary, up to $500,000
Three times your annual salary, up to $750,00
Four times your annual salary, up to $1 million.
Coverage is based on the full-time salary rate for your position as of January 1 of the current year, even if you work part time. This plan also provides a "living benefit" option; see Your Group Insurance Plans more details.

If you would like to enroll in Supplemental Life Insurance, or increase the amount of your coverage level outside of your PIE, please refer to "Supplemental Life Insurance Plan, Statement of Health Procedure" under Related Information.

For Conversion Options, please see Health Plans section, Conversion Privileges.