Other Provisions & Privileges

Other Provisions & Privileges

April 23, 2014

UC employees can take advantage of a wide array of other provisions and privileges such as:

To understand the total compensation of all of UC's benefits, use the Total Compensation Calculator available in Related Information.

Benefits Workshops

Employees are offered a variety of training workshops to better understand UC plans. Employees are encouraged to enroll and attend with their list of questions!

  • Invest in yourself with "Enrolling in Your Workplace Savings Plan," "Determining an Investment Strategy," "FITSCo Website Demo Class," "Achieving A Sound Retirement," and "Planning Your Future UC Retirement" workshops. Instructors: UCLA Campus Benefits Staff and Fidelity Investments Representatives.

To enroll, click on the UC Learning Center using your UCLA computer. If you have problems enrolling, please contact Staff Training and Development help desk at (310) 794-0850.

ScholarShare College Savings Plan

Employees may open a ScholarShare account and contribute on an after-tax basis to one or more of its 19 investment portfolios. Earnings are tax-deferred and withdrawals are federal and state tax-free when used for qualified higher-education expenses at eligible educational institutions. Beneficiary is named by the account owner; $371,000 maximum account-balance limit per beneficiary. To open a ScholarShare account or for more information, visit www.scholarshare.com.

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Automobile and Homeowner/Renter Insurance

The University has official contractual or vendor agreement arrangements with a number of companies to provide insurance, loan and savings opportunities to UC faculty and staff. Plans are offered to UC at special group rates or provide other special features for UC participants. Part of the California Casualty family of companies, which has been associated with UC for many years, A+ provides auto and home insurance protection for UC employees at group rates. Visit A+ Auto and Home Insurance Plus at their website, or at (877) 411-3426.

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Paid Sick Leave

Sick leave accrual is in proportion to the percentage of time worked — full-time staff earn one eight-hour day each month (up to 12 days maximum per year) with no overall limit. Sick leave accruals may convert to service credit for purposes of retirement — see section IV Retirement Plans, University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP).

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Paid Vacation

Generous vacation accrual in proportion to the percentage of time worked — for most full-time staff, at least 15 days per year at start, with the amount increasing based on years of service to a maximum of 24 days annually.

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Other Leaves

Paid and unpaid leaves of absence for a variety of reasons including work-incurred and other disability, family illness, bereavement, medical and personal needs, jury duty and military service.

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Paid Holidays

UC provides 13 paid holidays a year. See "Holiday Calendar" in Related Information for more details.

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Educational Discounts/Reduced Fee Enrollment

Eligible employees who have been admitted to the University may enroll in regular UC classes through the reduced fee program within established limits on the number of units or classes. The usual discount for University fees is 2/3; the usual discount for University Extension courses at UCLA is 25%.

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Professional Development

UC assists and supports employees in professional and career development programs by providing flexible work scheduling, release time with or without full or partial pay, full or partial payment of fees and expenses, or full-time professional development leave at full or partial pay.

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UC Career Opportunities

Qualified employees may apply for transfer or promotional opportunities throughout the UC system.

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Rehabilitation Services

Certified rehabilitation counselors at UCLA provide a full range of disability-related assistance, counseling, reasonable accommodation consulting and referral services to employees and departments with an emphasis on prevention.

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Employee Assistance

UCLA provides confidential employee assistance counseling and referral services to help employees work through a broad range of personal issues—marital or family difficulties, problems with alcohol or drug use, stress and other personal difficulties.

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UCLA also offers UC employees and their families the following:

  • UC consumer (employee and retiree) discount banking programs
  • Recreational privileges
  • Free or discounted admission to UCLA Museums and athletic events
  • Discount movie tickets
  • Library and bookstore privileges
  • Credit union
  • Parking and various transportation services (UC provides pretax payroll deduction for qualified transportation expenses)
  • Early childhood education programs

The information provided on this website is a synopsis of UC Group Insurance Regulations and are governed by Personnel Policies and Contracts. Note: UC Group Insurance Regulations and Personnel Policies and Contracts take precedence over this summary.

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