HR News Archive

2018.07.122018 All-Staff Picnic
2018.07.09Supplement to Military Pay Policy Renewed
2018.06.22Administrative Management Group 2018 Excellence Awards
2018.06.01Staff Assembly Recognition Awards & Scholarships Reception on June 21, 2018
2018.05.31Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Exemption Status and Pay Frequency
2018.05.17Technical Revisions to Presidential Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Affirmative Action in the Workplace
2018.05.01Proposed Revisions to Renew Presidential Policy on Supplement to Military Pay (Deans/Directors Memo)
2018.04.062018 Staff Assembly Recognition Awards and Staff Scholarships
2018.03.21Preparing for Retirement Webinars
2018.03.082018 Nominations for the Management Excellence Awards
2018.03.082018-2020 Staff Advisor to the Regents
2018.02.05Professional Development Program 2018-19 (Deans/Directors Memo)
2018.02.01UCLA's Staff & Faculty Counseling Center: A Resource for Emotional Well-Being
2018.01.30Proposed Revisions to PPSM 30 - Compensation (Deans/Directors Memo)
2018.01.08UC Management Development Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.12.112018 Management Skills Assessment Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.12.05Southern California Wildfires
2017.10.31Management Enrichment Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.10.132018 Open Enrollment: Good News about Costs
2017.10.13Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.10.12Work Group will Study, Make Recommendations on UC Benefits to Retirees
2017.10.09Chancellor's Diversity Leadership Institute Scholarships
2017.10.92018 Systemwide UC's Women's Initiative on Professional Development
2017.10.03Understanding UC's Benefits for Domestic Partners
2017.09.272017-18 Winter Holiday Closure (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.09.122017-18 Management Seminar Series (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.08.31Personnel Policy Guidance and Resources for Hurricane Harvey (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.08.22"Solutions at Work": Bright Horizon's Newsletter
2017.08.18Proposed Plan for 2017-18 Holiday Winter Closure
2017.08.09Anthem to Replace OptumRx for PPO Pharmacy Benefits in 2018
2017.07.242017-18 Management Development Certificate Program Schedule (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.07.122018 Staff Enrichment Program
2017.07.11UC Mandatory Employment Notices/Posters
2017.07.06Proposed Revisions to PPSM Policy 20 - Recruitment (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.06.14Employee-initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program Renewed July 1, 2017 (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.06.122017 AMG Excellence Awards
2017.06.082017 Staff Assembly Recognition Awards & Scholarships
2017.05.10UCLA Guidelines for the Administration of the FY 2017-18 Merit Pay Plan for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff
2017.05.02Plans for FY 2017-18 Salary Program for Policy-Covered Staff
2017.04.28Proposed Revisions to PPSM 3 - Types of Appointment
2017.04.26Proposed Renewal of Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program
2017.04.21Skilled Trades (K4) Wage Increases & Dues Deduction
2017.04.122017 Staff Assembly Recognition Awards and Staff Scholarships

UC, Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement on Labor Contract for Clerical Staff

2017.03.082017 Nominations for Management Excellence Awards
2017.02.272017-18 Professional Development Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.02.17Skilled Trades (K4) at Impasse
2017.02.16Proposed Presidential Unmanned Aircraft System Policy (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.02.09New Behavioral Intervention Team Brochure (Deans/Directors Memo)
2017.02.09Applications for the 2017-2019 Staff Advisor to the Regents
2017.02.022017-18 TIE-INS Program
2017.01.11Sittercity Program Expands in 2017
2017.01.09UC Management Development Program
2017.01.04UCLA Prepared for Five-Day Skilled Trades Strike
2017.01.04UCLA Prepared for One-Day Clerical Strike
2016.12.162017 Management Skills Assessment Program
2016.12.6K4 Bargaining Update
2016.11.21UC People Management Certificate (Deans/Directors Memo)
2016.11.08Proposed Revisions to Presidential Policy on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Regarding Academic and Staff Employment
2016.11.01Composite Benefit Rates at UCLA
2016.11.01FLSA Transition Process

UC, Librarians’ Union Reach Tentative Agreement on Wages, Professional Development

2016.10.27Teamsters Local 2010 Reject UCLA's Proposal
2016.10.27Update on UCLA and Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Session
2016.10.25Emerging Research Speaker Series on Nov. 7, 2016
2016.10.14Chancellor's Scholarships for Diversity Leadership Development Programs
2016.10.11Chancellor's Executive Education Fellowship
2016.10.5New Disability Insurance Options for 2017
2016.09.28Update on Teamsters Local 2010 Negotiations
2016.09.202016-17 Management Seminar Series
2016.09.092016-17 Winter Holiday Closure
2016.09.02Guidance on Abusive Behavior in the Workplace (Deans/Directors Memo)
2016.08.242016-17 Management Development Certificate Program Schedule
2016.08.18Teamsters Local 2010, Skilled Craft Unit (K4) Bargaining Information
2016.08.092017 Staff Enrichment Program
2016.08.05Revised Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 1, 2, 70 and 82
2016.08.02Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan Guidelines (FY 2016-17) for Policy-Covered Staff
2016.07.21Final Revisions to PPSM 64: Termination and Job Abandonment
2016.07.072016 All-Staff Picnic Tickets Now Available
2016.06.30Proposed Plan for 2016-17 Winter Holiday Closure (Deans/Directors Memo)
2016.06.302016 AMG Excellence Awards' Recipients and Reception Details
2016.06.24New UC Retirement Choice Program
2016.06.24Step Increases for AFSCME Patient Care Technical (EX) and Services (SX) Units

Proposed Guidelines for Administration of the FY 2016-2017 Merit Pay Plan for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff (Deans/Directors Memo)

2016.04.22Proposed Guidelines for Administration of the FY 2016-2017 Merit Pay Plan for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff
2016.04.222016 Nominations for Management Excellence Awards
2016.04.212017 Vendor Changes for Blue Shield Medical Plans
2016.04.182016 Staff Assembly Recognition Awards & Staff Scholarships
2016.03.24Proposed Revisions to PPSM 64 and PPSM 70 (Deans/Directors Memo)
2016.03.08Professional Development Program Nominations (2016-17)
2016.02.25UC Medical Plan Videos
2016.02.19TIE-INS Applications for 2016-17 School Year Now Being Accepted
2016.02.19Tentative Agreement with Lecturers on New Contract
2016.02.11Mandatory Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
2016.02.03UCLA Retirement Workshops
2016.01.27Applications for the 2016-2018 Staff Advisor to the Regents
2016.01.27Same-Day Counseling Services for UCLA Military Veterans
2016.01.20Retirement Benefits for Future UC Employees
2016.01.20Formal Review of Staff Policy (PPSM 21) - Selection and Appointment (Deans/Directors Memo)
2016.01.20Updated Policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment (Deans/Directors Memo)
2016.01.11UC Management Development Program
2016.01.042016 Management Skills Assessment Program
2015.12.01Regents Approve Recommended Changes to UC Retirement Plan
2015.11.30Updated Workplace Violence Prevention Policy (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.10.23Benefits Open Enrollment begins Oct. 29, 2015
2015.10.23Family Care Resources
2015.10.15Chancellor's Diversity Leadership Institute Scholarships (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.10.14Chancellor's Executive Education Fellowship
2015.10.07Proposed Revisions to UC Policy on Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment
2015.09.242015-16 Winter Holiday Closure (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.09.17Wage Increases for UPTE TX and RX Units and AFSCME SX Unit
2015.09.162016 Staff Enrichment Program
2015.09.01ACA: Employer-Shared Responsibility Requirements
2015.08.24Proposed Plan for 2015-16 Winter Holiday Closure
2015.08.242015-16 Management Seminar Series (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.08.19Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan Guidelines (FY 2015-16) for Policy-Covered Staff (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.07.202015-16 Management Development Certificate Program Schedule
2015.07.14UCLA Guidelines for Administration of the FY 2015-16 Merit Pay Plan for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff
2015.07.13All-Staff Picnic Tickets Now Available
2015.07.24Step Increases for AFSCME EX and SX Units
2015.06.15Upcoming Salary Actions Under Labor Contracts
2015.06.15All-Staff Picnic on August 11, 2015
2015.06.03Staff Assembly Recognition Awards & Scholarship Reception on June 23
2015.05.12Proposed Revisions to Copyright and Fair Use Policy
2015.05.08Updated Whistleblower Protection Policy (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.05.05Personnel Policy Guidance and Resources for Nepal Earthquake Relief
2015.04.232015 Staff Assembly Recognition Awards & Staff Scholarships
2015.04.14Emerging Research Speaker Series on May 5, 2015
2015.03.23Professional Development Program 2015-16 (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.03.18Formal Review of PPSM 80 - Staff Personnel Records (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.03.102015 Nominations for Staff and Management Excellence Awards
2015.03.04Proposed Revisions to Presidential Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.03.03PPSM 30 - Compensation: Formal Review (Deans/Directors Memo)
2015.02.06Cyber Attack Impacting Anthem Inc.
2015.02.04Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
2015.01.30TIE-INS Program: Call for Applications for 2015-16 School Year
2015.01.29Applications for the 2015-2017 Staff Advisor to The Regents
2015.01.14UC Management Development Program
2015.01.072015 Management Skills Assessment Program
2014.12.22Bright Horizons Care Advantage Program
2014.12.11UC Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Policy
2014.12.02Proposed Revisions to PPSM 30 - Compensation (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.10.17UC Open Enrollment Begins Oct. 30
2014.10.14Chancellor's Diversity Leadership Scholarships (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.10.07Chancellor's Executive Education Fellowship
2014.09.242014-15 Winter Holiday Closure (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.09.192014-15 Management Seminar Series (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.09.16Wage Increase for University Professional & Technical Employees (UPTE)
2014.08.282015 Staff Enrichment Program
2014.08.22Lump-Sum Payment Information for AFSCME EX Unit
2014.08.13ERIT Union Renewal Agreements
2014.08.04Support Services Available to Employees Impacted by Campus Flooding
2014.07.31Guidelines for Employees Affected by Campus Flooding
2014.07.31Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan Guidelines (FY2014-15) for Policy-Covered Staff (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.07.282014-15 Management Development Certificate Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.07.142014 All-Staff Picnic
2014.07.09Proposed Plan for 2014-15 Winter Holiday Closure (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.07.07Wage Increases for AFSCME Service Unit (SX)
2014.07.07Extension of Policy to Supplement for Military Pay (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.06.23Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program Extended (Deans/Directors Memo)


UC Retirement Plan 2014 Contribution
2014.06.02Management Skills Assessment Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.06.02Wage Increases for CUE-Teamsters Clerical Unit (CX)
2014.05.29Redesign of Campus Human Resources Portal
2014.05.27Manual Processing Instructions for CUE (CX) Step Increases
2014.05.20Proposed Renewal of the Employee-Initiated Reduction in Time (ERIT) Program (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.05.19Final Guidelines for FY 2014-15 Merit Pay Plan for PPSM Policy-Covered Staff
2014.05.16Proposal to Renew Policy on Supplement to Military Pay (Deans/Directors Memo)
2014.04.29Wage Increases for AFSCME EX and SX Units
2014.04.28Staff Appreciation & Recognition (STAR) Plan Guidelines FY 2013-14