Guidelines for Using Pre-Screening Questions

  • Pre-screening questions may be used when submitting your employment requisition in the PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking system.
  • Using pre-screening questions is optional. It is not essential or necessary for questions to be provided for each job posting.
  • The primary purpose of using pre-screening questions is to gain more information about an applicant’s job skills/experiences.
  • All pre-screening questions must be job-related and specifically linked to a skill, knowledge or ability delineated on the Job Description and Requisition.
  • It is strongly recommended that no more than 3-5 questions be asked of applicants. Review the pre-screening questions in the library before you create a new question to avoid duplication. Pre-screening questions are not intended to substitute for a screening interview or full interview. Pre-screening questions serve as a simple indicator as to whether the applicant has certain basic skills/requirements for the job.
  • All pre-screening questions will be reviewed and approved by the CHR Employment Consultants. Questions that are not job-specific or inappropriate will not be approved.
  • Once pre-screening questions are approved by the CHR Employment Consultants, they will automatically be added to the pre-screening questions library in the PeopleAdmin system. You will be able to view those questions by sorting by your department code.
  • When creating a pre-screening question in the PeopleAdmin system for your requisition, use the following format to enter your question:
  1. Type in your department code number and then type in your question. 
  2. Example: 1160, How many years have you used Microsoft Word?
  3. Department code/two blank spaces/Question
  • If you see a question in the pre-screening library that another department has used, you may cut and paste that question into the text field provided in the "Create a Question" function. Be certain, though, to replace the old department code with your department code.
  • If you are using a pre-screening question that asks candidates to self-rate their skills, use the following interpretations:
  1. Beginner: Completed training courses, but little experience in a work environment
  2. Intermediate: Can immediately apply knowledge in a work environment with no further training
  3. Advanced: Has mastered intermediate level and can demonstrate complex concepts/programs

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