Seniority Credit - Layoff and Reduction In Time

Seniority credit determines service credit for the purpose of layoff and reduction in time only.

  • For most employees, seniority is calculated by full-time equivalent months (or hours) of University service in any job classification or title.
  • Employment prior to a break in service is not counted. A break in service for this purpose is any separation from employment status. (Please note that a return to pay status from an approved leave without pay, furlough, temporary layoff, indefinite layoff during a period of right to recall and preference for re-employment, or on the next working day following a separation, is not a break in service.)
  • Employment is counted from the most recent hire date and includes all REG time paid from that date. In those cases in which employees have the same number of full-time-equivalent months (or hours), the employee with the most recent date of appointment shall be laid off first.

Who calculates Seniority Points?

Campus Human Resources (CHR), Personnel Services calculates seniority points. The department prepares a Request for Order of Layoff (click on the link to access form). When filling out the form:

  • List all Career, Contract and Limited appointees by title code, salary grade and position on the Request for Order of Layoff form.
  • For AFSCME (SX) and Patient Care Technical (EX) employees, seniority shall be based on the most recent date of hire in a staff career position.
  • Complete a separate form for each classification in which layoff is anticipated.
  • Identify the number of position(s) in the classification that are to be eliminated.
  • Mark those individuals identified for layoff with an asterisk.
  • Send the form to CHR, Personnel Services.

After calculation of seniority points, Personnel Services will return a copy of the form to the department. Department should review the layoff proposal with their respective CHR - Employee Relations Consultant to make certain that it adheres to the appropriate personnel policies or collective bargaining agreement.     

Note:  Severance election forms should be attached to the notice of layoff for employees in Non-represented (99) staff, Represented Clerical (CX), Research (RX), Healthcare (HX) and Technical (TX) positions. (Click on the links to view the forms.)

Lay-off Separation Reason Codes for EDB online processing:

CA – Indefinite layoff with rehire rights

CG – Indefinite layoff with severance

CH – Indefinite layoff with reduced severance and rehire/recall rights

CI – Indefinite layoff with no severance or rehire/recall rights

(For a complete list of Separation Reason codes click on the link.) 


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