Hiring Department FAQs

PeopleAdmin is an applicant-tracking system that allows job seekers to apply via the web for positions at UCLA. In addition, the system tracks applicant demographic data as required by UC policies and affirmative action/equal employment opportunity regulations.

Applicants apply via the web by creating an online account and applying for as many positions as they wish. The system has automated the paper process for hiring departments, thereby offering a more efficient process for recruitment.

The hiring process will change in a number of significant ways. The most important change is that the PeopleAdmin system will automate many of the paper–driven aspects of the employment-application process.
Creating and submitting the requisition to Campus Human Resources via PeopleAdmin will result in a faster processing of employment information, provide you with up-to-date access to information regarding all of your requisitions and allow you to review application materials online. 

Jobs will be posted on the UCLA Career Opportunities website in as little as 48 hours from submission, thus giving hiring mangers more time to review applications and ultimately increase applicant pools.
Applicants will apply online directly to the jobs of their choice. Managers can review all applications and screen each applicant according to their competitiveness. 
The record-keeping aspect of the selection process is simple and ensures accuracy.

You should send the applicants an acknowledgement either by email, hard copy or phone to let them know they need to apply directly through the UCLA Career Opportunities website. This ensures consistency and that we appropriately ask for the same information from every applicant. The UCLA Career Opportunities website is the official application method for job seekers.

The standard posting is the minimum amount of time required for posting the position, either by policy or collective-bargaining agreement. Multi-hire posting refers to a position where a master job description has been approved for hiring more than one person in the same classification(s).

Contact your Campus Human Resources Employment Consultant to discuss a recruitment strategy that may include additional advertising on various websites.

Once you have received a qualified and diverse applicant pool for consideration, you may remove your job from the website. Contact your Employment Consultant to assist you with this.

It is recommended that even if a search firm is used, the job be posted on the UCLA Career Opportunities website. Include in your job announcement that applicants must apply directly to the search firm for consideration. Your Employment Consultant can assist you with this.

Call your Employment Consultant and discuss what changes need to be made. In most instances, simple wording or text changes are acceptable. However, if you need to make changes to the actual job description, there may need to be an additional review by Compensation Services to ensure that the classification has not changed. This means the job will be removed from the UCLA Career Opportunities website and you will need to submit a new requisition with the updated information.

Records you have created, such as screening criteria and candidate ratings from interviews, should be retained, along with any additional hand-written notes or marked-up application documents. You also need to maintain the application materials of interviewed candidates. Place these in a separate file and retain for a period of 4 years after the end of the fiscal year in which the recruitment ended. You do not need to maintain copies of materials from all the other applicants to the recruitment, as these are kept electronically in the PeopleAdmin system.