myCareer Volume 1, Number 1

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First, a hearty "Congratulations" to all of you for making our PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking Module implementation a great success! On Monday, March 26, we went live with our job postings and our online application system. 


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How to Change User Type

Many users access both the Applicant Tracking AND the Job Description modules. To change which module you are using, do the following:
  1. Log on to the PeopleAdmin application as you normally do.
  2. Once logged in, look on the Main Menu (left side of screen), in the Admin section, find the link for "Change User Type."
  3. Click on "Change User Type" and a new screen will appear.
  4. Select the appropriate user type for the desired action (e.g. Employment Submitter OR Compensation Submitter), and then click to save and confirm.
  5. The Main Menu options will change based on the user type selected.
Requisition Creation - Additional Applicant Information
When creating a requisition, it is important to indicate if you are requiring any documents from applicants when they apply. This will ensure applicants are prepared to "upload" the specified fileswhen applying. If this is not specified, the applicant may not be able to complete their application successfully if they do not have the files availableUsers may include this information in the "Special Instructions for Applicants" field on the Additional Req Information "tab."
Suggested text: "Note: This position requires that a resume AND cover letter be submitted in addition to the application. Please have these two documents available for upload when applying for this position."
Creating User Accounts
Preparers & Submitters - Creation of user accounts for Preparers and Submitters must be done by Department Security Administrators. Once submitted, there will be a 24 hour waiting period for the changes to be synchronized with the system.
Preparers as Hiring Managers - If a user must be assigned BOTH Preparer/Submitter AND Hiring Manager rights, please follow these steps:
  1. Create Preparer or Submitter user account via the DACSS system. The Departmental Security Administrator is responsible for this.
  2. Upon successful configuration AND synchronization (24 hours) of the Preparer or Submitter account, then request Hiring Manager rights for the individual using the Create User Account link within the Main Menu.
  3. Once the form is completed, submit to CHR. We will review and approve (as appropriate) within 24 hours.