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Resumes? We've Got Resumes

The new Career Opportunities website is attracting applicants and makes applying for positions online quick and easy. We’ve also made it easy to check how many applications have been submitted for your jobs. When you logon to the Applicant Tracking Module, you’ll see your active requisitions including the number of applicants in process. Check your requisitions for new applications daily and act upon those applicants who are well qualified for your position. People who are actively looking for a new job may only be on the market a short time – the best applicants go quickly! 

Another tip is to let applicants know that you are reviewing their qualifications. Users may easily do this by changing the applicant’s status. After a new resume has been submitted, change the status to “Under Review” to let the applicant know you are reviewing their information. Each time an applicant logs on to the system they will see their status for each position that they have applied to.

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Online Job Ads - Don't Forget to Link!

Make it easier for applicants to apply for jobs posted on job boards like Monster or Careerbuilder by including a Quicklink. When posting your job on these sites, always include the requisition number so that applicants can search for the position on our website. Additionally, be sure to extend the posting on the UCLA Career Opportunity website for the duration of the third party posting so that applicants are able to apply.

Another method is to include a hyperlink that brings an applicant directly to the job on the UCLA website. Each requisition is assigned a unique URL (web address) to link users to. The “Quicklink To Posting” is generated when creating a new requisition and is viewable on the Additional Req Information tab. When using the Quicklink, be sure to insert https:// at the beginning of the URL – do not enter “www” into the URL.

For example:


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Now Available - Online Training & User Guide

Getting up to speed with PeopleAdmin for managing applications is even easier. To complement the online Hiring Manager tutorial, we have created a Hiring Manager User Guide that illustrates the basic features of viewing applications, resumes, changing applicant status and creating a Closing Document to hire an applicant. 

Click here to download the guide. The online tutorial for Hiring Manager may be accessed online here.

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Departmental Websites - Check Your Links!


Many UCLA departments have their own websites that list information regarding employment opportunities that are currently available. When posting a job to your departmental website, be sure to link back to the job on the Career Opportunities page. This makes it easy for applicants viewing a job on a departmental website to apply using PeopleAdmin. Departments can link directly to a specific job by using the Quicklink generated within each requisition.

Also, since moving to our new system, some departments may have links to the former “Job Opportunities Bulletin” webpage. Please review your site to ensure that all the information and hyperlinks are up to date and active. If changes are needed, please contact your departmental IT staff to update or revise as needed.

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PeopleAdmin PowerTip

Become a PeopleAdmin PowerUser with tips on features of our new system. Our first PowerTip is how to view/print multiple applicant documents or applications.

  1. On the Applicants tab, check the box on the far right of each applicant listing that you would like to view or print.
  2. Scroll down the screen, below Inactive Applicants, click on the View Multiple Applications OR View Multiple Documents.
  3. A new window opens displaying the selected applicant’s documents (resume, cover letter) or application. To print, click File>Print or simply click on the printer icon.

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System Updates

In keeping with our commitment to our customer’s needs we have mad a few changes to the system to be aware of:

  • Positions may now list either Full Time or Part Time when creating a new requisition. This selection is available on the Requisition Information tab.
  • Improved page breaks when printing completed applications.
  • Departments may now add additional Submitters to improve processing and notifications. Just list the additional person in the Back-Up Submitter section within the Requisition Information tab.

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