Eligible Family Members

You may enroll eligible family member(s) in your UC-sponsored health and welfare plans; the eligible family member must be enrolled in the same plan(s) as you. You may enroll one adult, children and/or grandchildren in your plans. You may enroll your same-sex domestic partner’s children and/or grandchildren even if you do not enroll your partner; however, your partner must be eligible for UC-sponsored coverage. Eligible family members include:

  • One other Adult: Legal Spouse or Domestic PartnerCalifornia does not recognize "common law marriages". Please see Common Law Marriage Q & A and Eligible Family Members related links for domestic partnership requirements.
  • Child(ren): Natural and/or adopted Child(ren), Step-Child(ren), Grandchild(ren), Step-Grandchild(ren), Domestic Partner’s Child(ren) and/or Grandchild(ren), Legal Ward(s) and Disabled Child(ren).Please see Eligible Family Members related link for dependent requirement details.

NoteWorking Families Tax Relief Act (WFTRA) IRS rules require UC to report as taxable income (imputed income) the UC employer contributions for health plan coverage for dependents who do not qualify under IRS requirements (IRC §152) as tax dependents. Following the passage of the Working Families Tax Relief Act (WFTRA), which changed the tax dependency requirements in IRC §152, employees will need to “self-identify” natural and adopted children who do not meet the new IRC §152 requirements for purposes of imputing income.

The UC contribution for medical, dental and vision coverage for a same-sex domestic partner (and a partner’s child/grandchild) is considered to be income to the employee (imputed income) unless the employee qualifies for a waiver. Imputed income is subject to Federal and California State income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and any other required payroll tax(es).

See previous section "UC Regents and Employee Health Plan Contributions" for costs.

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