Co-Worker Concerns and Interpersonal Conflicts

Whenever people work together, differences in styles, ideas, goals or actions may cause conflicts. Conflicts are frustrating on a personal level and can interfere with productivity and our ability to support the mission of the University.


UCLA offers many resources to help you address workplace conflicts. They include:

  • Individual coaching and counseling
  • Impartial mediation and informal dispute resolution between the parties to a conflict
  • Classes to help you hone your own conflict management and communication skills and build productive work relationships.

Contact Information

Contact the offices listed below or follow the links on your right.

Office NameTelephone
 Staff and Faculty Counseling Center (310) 794-0245 
 Office of Ombuds Services (310) 825-7627 
 CHR Employee & Labor Relations (310) 794-0860 
 Staff Diversity & AA//EEO Compliance Office (310) 794-0691 
 CHR Training and Development (310) 794-0850