Employer-Employee Relationship

What types of concerns may be addressed

A broad range of employment concerns — including but not limited to corrective action, hours of work, overtime, vacation, leaves of absence — are proper issues to raise in either an informal or formal process.

Resolving Complaints informally

Employees may try to resolve issues directly with their supervisors or within their management chain of command. The Office of Ombuds Services (310-825-7627) and the Staff and Faculty Counseling Center (310-794-0245) are also available as a confidential resource.

Filing a formal complaint

When an employee’s concerns or issues require a more formal process, i.e., grievance or complaint, a claim may be filed with Campus Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations (310-794-0860).  Employee & Labor Relations staff members are available to assist employees in initiating these processes. Through the grievance process, you may be entitled to a fact-finding investigation or arbitration hearing.

  • A grievance (also known as a complaint) is a written claim by an individual employee, a group of employees or a union stating that the University has violated a specific provision of a collective bargaining agreement or policy.
  • At each step of the grievance or complaint process, an employee has a right to a representative.
  • No employee shall be subject to reprisal or retaliation for using or participating in the grievance or complaint resolution process.

Note: Please refer to the Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) or applicable collective bargaining agreements for full texts regarding the grievance or complaint process.