Employee & Labor Relations Directory

Employee & Labor Relations Administration

Main Telephone: (310) 794-0860
Main Fax: (310) 794-0865

Director, Employee & Labor Relations Anthony Solana, Jr. (310) 794-0866 [email protected] 

Employee Relations

Manager, Employee Relations Emily Tunteri (310) 794-6153

[email protected]

Assistant Manager, Employee & Labor Relations Jessica Doty (310) 794-5232 [email protected]
Senior Employee Relations Consultant Sara Haider (310) 794-0858 [email protected]
Employee Relations Consultant Cristina Hidalgo (310) 794-0423 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Consultant Miriana Llamas-Cardenas (213) 286-4760 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Consultant Tyler Marik (310) 968-8400 [email protected]

Labor Relations

Manager, Labor Relations Ulysses Aguayo (310) 794-0870 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Advocate Brittany Jones (310) 794-0867 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Advocate Jennie Chen (310) 794-0863 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Advocate Kimiya Massih (310) 794-0869 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Advocate Truc Yung (310) 794-0856 [email protected]

Behavioral Intervention Team

Behavioral Intervention Team Manager Chris Silva (310) 794-0422 [email protected]

Policy & Personnel Services

Main Fax: (310) 794-0865
Client support assignments are listed within the Policy Services Directory
Manager, Staff Personnel Policy Kathleen Shiroma (310) 794-0859 [email protected]
Sr. Personnel Analyst Dyanna De Alba (310) 794-0843 [email protected]
Sr. Personnel Analyst David Jenkins (310) 794-0147 [email protected]

Administrative Support

HR Analyst – Supervisor Lauren Respicio Rueff (310) 794-6739

[email protected]

Employee & Labor Relations Coordinator Luke Jaffar (310) 794-0862 [email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Coordinator

Ricky Terriquez

(818) 732-9282

[email protected]

Employee Relations Assignments

Organization Employee Relations Consultant
Academic Personnel Office Emily Tunteri
Academic Planning & Budget Emily Tunteri
Academic Senate Emily Tunteri
Anderson Graduate School of Management Sara Haider
Arthur Ashe Student Health & Welness Center Sara Haider
Arts & Architecture Sara Haider
Asset Management Miriana Llamas-Cardenas
ASUCLA Cristina Hidalgo
Audit & Advisory Services Emily Tunteri
Basic Biomedical Sciences Cristina Hidalgo
Broad Stem Cell Research Center Cristina Hidalgo
Business Transformation Office Tyler Marik
Campus Enterprise Services Tyler Marik
Campus Human Resources Emily Tunteri
Capitol Programs Emily Tunteri
Central Ticket Office Miriana Llamas-Cardenas
Chancellor's Office Emily Tunteri
CNSI Cristina Hidalgo
College of Letters & Science Cristina Hidalgo
Corporate Financial Services Tyler Marik
Cultural & Recreational Affairs Sara Haider
Early Care and Education Sara Haider
Environment, Health & Safety Tyler Marik
Events & Transportation Miriana Llamas-Cardenas
External Affairs Emily Tunteri
Facilities Management Tyler Marik
Faculty Center Jessica Doty
Financial Management/General Services Emily Tunteri
Geffen Academy Sara Haider
Graduate Division Sara Haider
Graduate School of Education & Information Studies Sara Haider
Herb Alpert School of Music Sara Haider
Housing & Hospitality - Administration, Guest House, Maintenance, Meeting Room Services Jessica Doty
University Apartments (H&HS) Jessica Doty
Dining (H&HS) Miriana Llamas-Cardenas
Housing Operations & Safety (H&HS) Jessica Doty
Information Technology Services Tyler Marik
Institute of American Cultures Cristina Hidalgo
Insurance & Risk Management Miriana Llamas-Cardenas
Intercollegiate Athletics Emily Tunteri
International Institute Cristina Hidalgo
Lake Arrowhead Conference Center Jessica Doty
Luskin Conference Center Jessica Doty
Luskin School of Public Affairs Lauren Respicio Rueff
Mail, Document, and Distribution Services Miriana Llamas-Cardenas
Office of the Administrative Vice Chancellor Jessica Doty
Office of Information Technology Tyler Marik
Police Department Tyler Marik
Research, Training & Development Emily Tunteri
School of Dentistry Cristina Hidalgo
School of Engineering Cristina Hidalgo
School of Law Sara Haider
School of Nursing Sara Haider
School of Public Health Cristina Hidalgo
Summer Sessions & International Education Cristina Hidalgo
Theater, Film & Television Cristina Hidalgo
UCLA Extension (including Continuing Education of the Bar) Cristina Hidalgo
UCLA Lab School Sara Haider
University Library Sara Haider
VC Research Emily Tunteri
VC Strategic Communications Emily Tunteri
VC Student Affairs Sara Haider

Labor Relations Assignments

Bargaining Agreement  Labor Relations Specialist
AFSCME (EX) Brittany Jones
AFSCME (SX) Brittany Jones
AFT (IX) Kim Massih
AFT (LX) Kim Massih
CIR / SEIU Ulysses Aguayo
CNA Brittany Jones
FUPOA Ulysses Aguayo
Teamsters (K4) Anthony Solana, Jr.
Teamsters (CX) Truc Yung
UAPD Kim Massih
UAW (BX) Jennie Chen
UAW (PX) Jennie Chen
UAW (RA) Jennie Chen
UPTE (HX, RX, TX) Truc Yung
PPSM Truc Yung