Employee & Labor Relations Directory

Employee & Labor Relations Administration

Main Telephone: (310) 794-0860
Main Fax: (310) 794-0865

Director, Employee & Labor RelationsAnthony Solana, Jr.(310) 794-0866[email protected] 

Employee Relations

Manager, Employee RelationsEmily Tunteri(310) 794-6153

[email protected]

Assistant Manager of Employee & Labor RelationsJessica Doty(310) 794-5232[email protected]
Employee Relations ConsultantSara Haider(310) 794-0858[email protected]
Employee Relations ConsultantCristina Hidalgo(310) 794-0423[email protected]
Employee Relations ConsultantTyler Marik(661) 383-1850[email protected]
Employee Relations ConsultantMiriana Llamas-Cardenas(213) 286-4760[email protected]

Labor Relations

Labor Relations SpecialistEmily Stilwell(310) 794-0863[email protected]

Labor Relations Specialist

Michael Simidjian(310) 794-0869

[email protected]

Labor Relations SpecialistMichelle Lee(310) 794-0867[email protected]
Labor Relations SpecialistTruc Yung(310) 853-0715[email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations AdvocateUlysses Aguayo(310) 794-0870[email protected]

Behavioral Intervention Team

Behavioral Intervention Team ManagerChris Silva(310) 794-0422[email protected]


Policy & Personnel Services

Main Fax: (310) 794-0865
Client support assignments are listed within the Policy Services Directory
Manager, Staff Personnel PolicyKathleen Shiroma(310) 794-0859[email protected]
Sr. Personnel AnalystDyanna De Alba(310) 794-0843[email protected]
Sr. Personnel AnalystDavid Jenkins(310) 794-0147[email protected]


Administrative Support

HR Analyst – SupervisorLauren Respicio Rueff(310) 794-6739

[email protected]

Employee & Labor Relations CoordinatorLuke Jaffar(310) 794-0862[email protected]
Employee & Labor Relations Coordinator

Ricky Terriquez

(818) 732-9282

[email protected]

Employee Relations Assignments

OrganizationEmployee Relations Consultant
Academic Personnel OfficeEmily Tunteri
Academic SenateEmily Tunteri
Administrative Information SystemsEmily Tunteri
Anderson Graduate School of ManagementSara Haider
Arts & ArchitectureSara Haider
ASUCLACristina Hidalgo
Audit & Advisory ServicesEmily Tunteri
Broad Stem Cell Research CenterCristina Hidalgo
Campus Enterprise ServicesJessica Doty
Capital ProgramsEmily Tunteri
Central Ticket OfficeMiriana Llamas-Cardenas
Chancellor's OfficeEmily Tunteri
CNSICristina Hidalgo
College of Letters & ScienceCristina Hidalgo
Corporate Financial ServicesJessica Doty
Early Care and EducationSara Haider
Environment, Health & SafetyMiriana Llamas-Cardenas
Events & TransportationMiriana Llamas-Cardenas
External AffairsEmily Tunteri
Facilities ManagementMiriana Llamas-Cardenas
Faculty CenterSara Haider
Financial Management/General ServicesEmily Tunteri
Geffen AcademySara Haider
Graduate DivisionSara Haider
Graduate School of Education & Information StudiesSara Haider
Herb Alpert School of MusicSara Haider
Housing & HospitalityJessica Doty
Information Technology ServicesJessica Doty
Institute of American CulturesCristina Hidalgo
Insurance & Risk ManagementJessica Doty
Intercollegiate AthleticsEmily Tunteri
International InstituteCristina Hidalgo
Police DepartmentMiriana Llamas-Cardenas
Research, Training & DevelopmentEmily Tunteri
School of DentistryCristina Hidalgo
School of EngineeringCristina Hidalgo
School of LawSara Haider
School of NursingDyanna De Alba
School of Public AffairsSara Haider
School of Public HealthCristina Hidalgo
Theater, Film & TelevisionEmily Tunteri
UCLA Extension (including Continuing Education of the Bar)Cristina Hidalgo
UCLA Lab SchoolSara Haider
University LibraryEmily Tunteri
VC ResearchEmily Tunteri
VC Student AffairsSara Haider

Labor Relations Assignments

Bargaining AgreementLabor Relations Specialist
AFSCME (EX)Ulysses Aguayo
AFSCME (SX)Ulysses Aguayo
AFT (IX)Michael Simidjian
AFT (LX)Michael Simidjian
CNAMichelle Lee
FUPOAMichael Simidjian
Teamsters (K4)Michael Simidjian
Teamsters (CX)Truc Yung
UAPDTruc Yung
UAW (BX)Michelle Lee
UAW (PX)Michelle Lee
UAW (RA)Michelle Lee
UPTE (HX, RX, TX)Ulysses Aguayo
PPSMAnthony Solana, Jr.