Policy Services Directory

Policy Services Directory

January 28, 2014

Policy Services
Main Telephone: (310) 794-3147 
Main Fax: (310) 794-0865

Manager, Policy Services Lazetta Smith
Sr. Policy Analyst Dyanna De Alba
Sr. Policy Analyst David Jenkins

  Client Support Assignments

Organization/Client                                                                                           Policy 
Academic Personnel Dyanna De Alba
Academic Senate Dyanna De Alba
Anderson School of Management Dyanna De Alba
Chancellor's Office Dyanna De Alba
College of Letters and Science Dyanna De Alba
Extramural Fund Management David Jenkins
Faculty Center David Jenkins
Graduate School of Ed. & Info. Studies David Jenkins
Intercollegiate Athletics Dyanna De Alba
International Institute Dyanna De Alba
Legal Affairs David Jenkins
Office for Research Information Systems David Jenkins
School of Arts and Architecture Dyanna De Alba
School of Dentistry David Jenkins
School of Engineering and Applied Science Dyanna De Alba
School of Law David Jenkins
School of Nursing David Jenkins
School of Public Affairs David Jenkins
School of Public Health David Jenkins
School of Theatre, Film and Television Dyanna De Alba
Student Affairs David Jenkins
Summer Sessions David Jenkins
University Extension David Jenkins
University Libraries David Jenkins
Vice Provost - Office of Intellectual Property David Jenkins
Information Technology Services (IT Services) Dyanna De Alba
Campus Human Resources Dyanna De Alba
Campus Procurement Dyanna De Alba
Campus Service Enterprises Dyanna De Alba
Information Technology Services (IT Services) Dyanna De Alba
Corporate Financial Services Dyanna De Alba
General Services David Jenkins
- Facilities David Jenkins
- Parking Services David Jenkins
- Transportation Services David Jenkins
Housing and Hospitality Dyanna De Alba
- Lake Arrowhead Dyanna De Alba
Police Department David Jenkins
Academic Planning and Budget Dyanna De Alba
Audit and Advisory Dyanna De Alba
External Affairs David Jenkins
Alumni Relations David Jenkins
Development David Jenkins
Finance and Information Management (FIM) David Jenkins
Government and Community Relations David Jenkins
University Communications David Jenkins
IT Organizations Dyanna De Alba
Academic Technology Services (ATS) Dyanna De Alba
Information Technology (IT) Dyanna De Alba
Office of Contract and Grant Administration David Jenkins
VC Finance, Budget and Capital Programs Dyanna De Alba
Capital Programs Dyanna De Alba
VC Graduate Programs Dyanna De Alba
Ethnic Study Research Centers Dyanna De Alba
Graduate Division Dyanna De Alba
VC Research David Jenkins
Institute for Cell Mimetic Space Exploration Dyanna De Alba
Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics Dyanna De Alba
Institute of the Environment Dyanna De Alba
Nanosystems Institute David Jenkins
Office for Protection of Research Subjects David Jenkins
Office of Research Administration David Jenkins


Campus Human Resources, Policy Services is located at:

On-Campus Off-Campus
205 Wilshire Center 10920 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 205
Mail Code: 146548 Los Angeles, CA 90024-6518

Policy Services
Phone: (310) 794-3147 
Fax:    (310) 794-0865