Domestic Violence

Domestic violence knows no socioeconomic, ethnic or age boundaries. It occurs in relationships of all sexual orientations.

Typically women are the victims of domestic violence, but males can be abused as well although this information is often under-reported. Children who witness abuse risk being put in harm’s way and may suffer serious negative consequences as a result.

Warning signs of domestic abuse are domination, jealousy, possessiveness and isolation from friends and family. There is a cycle of violence that includes a “honeymoon phase” when the partner shows remorse and promises to change. This progressively leads to coercion, threats, blaming and in some cases physical violence on the part of the abuser. Often the victim of the abuse is too ashamed, demoralized, or afraid to reach out for help.

The following websites provide information about shelter and groups for women and children: and

If you think you are in an abusive relationship, contact the Staff & Faculty Counseling Center for a consultation.


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