New UC Policy on Sexual Harassment


Re: New University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment and Procedures for Responding to Reports of Sexual Harassment and Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors

Two major developments with respect to sexual harassment will affect UCLA this year and in the future. First, the University of California has revised the system-wide policy and procedures, replacing both existing University and campus practices. Second, the State of California enacted a law, signed by the Governor, requiring all employers in the state with 50 or more employees, including the University of California, to provide specified sexual harassment training to all supervisory employees. While many employers already voluntarily had begun providing this type of training to supervisors in order to promote an environment free of harassment and in light of the substantial risks faced in litigation, doing so is now mandatory. UCLA is required by law to provide training to all supervisors, including those holding academic appointments. The training obligation will apply to many, if not most, faculty members, even those who do not hold specific supervisory titles.


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