2007-08 Staff Achievement Award Guidelines


Re: FY 2007-2008 Staff Achievement Award Program Guidelines for Policy-Covered Employees

Campus Human Resources is pleased to send you the Staff Achievement Award Program (SAAP) Guidelines for FY 2007-2008. SAAP provides departments with an important vehicle to encourage excellence in customer service; recognize exceptional individual and/or team performance; encourage innovation and creative thinking; and support professional development. In furtherance of the University’s objectives, the award criteria also encourage individual or team efforts that result in cost savings and/or improved operational efficiency.

Attachment A provides guidelines for administering the Staff Achievement Award Program, which applies only to policy-covered employees. For provisions authorized under a collective bargaining agreement or applicable to exclusively represented employees, please contact your Labor Relations Consultant.

Several changes to the guidelines have been made this year. In consultation with Accounts Payable and Tax Services, Section VIII of the guidelines was modified to include new information about processing development awards. Also, a new section, Tax Determination of Award, was added to the nomination form to help supervisors determine the tax implications and tax treatment associated with development awards.

As in previous years, this program is funded by a campus-wide assessment implemented through the Personnel/Payroll System. The regular pay of eligible staff has been assessed in all fund groups at the same rate to create a campus-wide pool of funds for this program. The assessment rate for this fiscal year is .89%. Organizations may augment the funding generated by this assessment with local funds, as authorized by the cognizant Dean, Vice Chancellor, or Organization Head.

This year, we request that organizations conduct a special review of existing award program balances to ensure that funds assessed in previous years have been or will be fully utilized for either cash or development awards. To assist units in this review, balances by department by fund group are available in a report entitled, PPP5332 - IAP Activity by Fund Source/Employee Group, on UCLA Document Direct. Any unspent balances remaining as of March 31, 2008, may be earmarked for central campus use and/or returned to the funding source (e.g., federal funds).

Please note that special approval is required for any awards that could result in total annual cash compensation above $205,000, as stated in Section VII of the Guidelines. Authority for approval of compensation actions above this threshold is reserved to The Regents, based on recommendation by the Chancellor and review by the President. Advance consultation with Campus Human Resources is required for such actions. 

If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact Carolyn Murry at (310) 794-0874. Questions regarding processing of awards may be directed to Lazetta Smith at (310) 794-0877. For questions regarding the payroll assessment, please contact Paula Farrington at 310-825-1887 and questions regarding tax issues may be referred to Upma Budhraja at (310) 794-9868.


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