2008 Recognition Awards & Staff Scholarships

On behalf of the boards of the UCLA Staff Assembly and the Administrative Management Group (AMG), I am delighted to announce several opportunities to recognize special achievements by UCLA employees. 

The UCLA Staff Assembly is accepting nominations and applications for the following awards:

  • Excellence in Service Award
    This honor is presented to a staff member whose career reflects outstanding service and citizenship to the University and the community. A $5,000 prize is sponsored by the Chancellor’s Office. 
  • Faculty/Staff Partnership Award
    In recognition of the value of collaboration and collegiality, staff members are encouraged to nominate faculty members who actively develop and encourage faculty/staff partnerships.
  • Staff Scholarships
    Staff members may apply for scholarships in support of their career enhancement and professional growth. Each award covers the cost of education and training up to $500.

The Administrative Management Group (AMG) in partnership with Campus Human Resources will present a new award opportunity this year:

  • Excellence in Leadership (EXCEL) Award
    In recognition of excellence in management and leadership, this award will be presented to a staff member who has had a significant and lasting impact on the people that he/she leads, while also making broad contributions to the campus. Campus Human Resources is sponsoring this award of $1,000 in the memory of Jeanne Williams, who retired in 1987 following an exemplary career as a UCLA administrator and founding Assistant Dean of the School of Medicine. 

Program criteria and application/nomination forms for the three recognition opportunities sponsored by the UCLA Staff Assembly are available in Related Information.

Nomination forms and award criteria for the new EXCEL Award presented by AMG also are available in Related Information.

Please note the award nomination deadline of May 5, 2008. Recipients of the scholarships and awards noted above will be honored in June at a special campus-wide ceremony sponsored by the UCLA Staff Assembly and AMG. Please join us in recognizing the special contributions of UCLA employees.


Lubbe Levin
Associate Vice Chancellor
Campus Human Resources

Campus Human Resources
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