Compensation Services Directory

Compensation Services Administration
DirectorLinda Gaddie(310) 794-0879

[email protected]

Compensation Services
Main Telephone: (310) 794-0880
FAX: (310) 794-0805

Compensation ConsultantErik Gilbertson(310) 794-0878[email protected]
Compensation ConsultantWendie Kim(310) 794-0882[email protected]
Compensation ConsultantJose Martinez(310) 794-0876[email protected]
Compensation ConsultantRamon Tejeda(310) 794-5245[email protected]
Administrative SpecialistHazel Chun(310) 794-0897

[email protected]

Labor Contracts Support Assignments
Employee Group Bargaining UnitUnit CodeCompensation 
Clerical and Allied Service Unit (CUE)CXRamon Tejeda 
Physicians, Dentists and Podiatrists Unit (UAPD)DXErik Gilbertson 
Patient Care Technical Unit (AFSCME)EXErik Gilbertson 
Health Care Professionals Unit (UPTE)HXJose Martinez 
Skilled Crafts Unit (Teamsters)K4Ramon Tejeda 
Registered Nurses Unit (CNA)NXErik Gilbertson 
Police Officers Unit (FUPOA)PAErik Gilbertson 
Research Support Professionals Unit (UPTE)RXJose Martinez 
Service Unit (AFSCME)SXErik Gilbertson 
Technical Unit (UPTE)TXJose Martinez 

Client Support Assignments

Academic PersonnelWendie KimJudy Nakano 
Academic SenateRamon TejedaJudy Nakano 
Anderson School of ManagementRamon TejedaRon Guizado 
Chancellor's OfficeWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
College of Letters & ScienceJose MartinezRon Guizado 
Faculty CenterJose MartinezJudy Nakano 
Graduate School of Ed. & Info. StudiesWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Intercollegiate AthleticsErik GilbertsonRon Guizado 
International InstituteJose MartinezRon Guizado 
Institute for Pure & Applied MathematicsJose MartinezRon Guizado 
Institute of American CulturesRamon TejedaJudy Nakano 
Legal AffairsWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Nanosystems InstituteRamon TejedaNoah Apodaca 
School of Arts & ArchitectureWendie KimRon Guizado 
School of DentistryRamon TejedaRon Guizado 
School of Engineering & Applied ScienceRamon TejedaJudy Nakano 
School of LawWendie KimRon Guizado 
School of NursingRamon TejedaRon Guizado 
School of Public AffairsErik GilbertsonRon Guizado 
School of Public HealthJose MartinezRon Guizado 
School of Theatre, Film & TelevisionJose MartinezRon Guizado 
Student AffairsRamon TejedaNoah Apodaca 
Summer SessionsErik GilbertsonNoah Apodaca 
University ExtensionErik GilbertsonJudy Nakano 
University LibrariesJose MartinezJudy Nakano 
Campus Human ResourcesErik GilbertsonJudy Nakano 
Corporate Financial ServicesRamon TejedaNoah Apodaca 
Events & TransportationErik GilbertsonJudy Nakano 
FacilitiesRamon TejedaJudy Nakano 
Housing & HospitalityJose MartinezJudy Nakano 
Lake ArrowheadJose MartinezJudy Nakano 
Police DepartmentErik GilbertsonRon Guizado 
Academic Planning & BudgetRamon TejedaNoah Apodaca 
Audit & AdvisoryWendie KimJudy Nakano 
External AffairsErik GilbertsonNoah Apodaca 
Alumni RelationsErik GilbertsonNoah Apodaca 
DevelopmentErik GilbertsonNoah Apodaca 
Government & Community RelationsErik GilbertsonNoah Apodaca 
University Communications & Public OutreachErik GilbertsonNoah Apodaca 
IT OrganizationsWendie KimNoah Apodaca 

Information Technology (IT)

Wendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Research & Education TechnologiesWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Office of Contract & Grant AdministrationWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Strategic Research AdvancementRamon TejedaNoah Apodaca 
VC Finance & BudgetRamon TejadaNoah Apodaca 
Capital ProgramsRamon TejadaRon Guizado 
VC Graduate EducationWendie KimJudy Nakano 
Graduate DivisionWendie KimJudy Nakano 
VC ResearchWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Office for Protection of Research SubjectsWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Office of Research AdministrationWendie KimNoah Apodaca 
Office for Research Information SystemsWendie KimNoah Apodaca