Elevator Mechanic

University of California, Los Angeles
March 2007


Class Specification – G.25
Lead Elevator Mechanic - 8159
Elevator Mechanic - 8188
Apprentice Elevator Mechanic - 8268


Elevator Mechanics perform or supervise a variety of skilled tasks in the maintenance and repair of elevators and dumbwaiters to meet safety regulations and building codes; and perform other related duties as required.

Incumbents typically locate and determine causes of trouble in brakes, motors, switches, and signal and control systems, using test lamps, ammeters and voltmeters; disassemble defective units and repair or replace parts such as locks, gears, cables, electric wiring and faulty safety devices; install push button controls and other devices to modernize elevators; and may instruct or lead semi skilled or unskilled assistants.


Lead Elevator Mechanic

Under general supervision, incumbents serve as working supervisors of elevator crews. Incumbents typically transmit and explain work orders to craft workers and assistants; help workers or supervisor solve work problems; ensure that assignments are completed satisfactorily; provide estimates; and perform the range of duties outlined in the Series Concept. Additionally, incumbents may have limited responsibilities for making or modifying daily work assignments and for evaluating craft workers and assistants.

Elevator Mechanic

Under supervision, incumbents perform operational level Elevator Mechanic duties as outlined in the Series Concept.

Apprentice Elevator Mechanic

Under close supervision, incumbents participate in a prescribed program of work experience and vocational education and upon completion progress to the level of Elevator Mechanic. Incumbents typically assist journey level Elevator Mechanics in the performance of the full range of duties outlined in the Series Concept.