Facilities Worker

University of California, Los Angeles
March 2007


Class Specifications - G.25
Facilities Worker - 8218


Under direct supervision, Facilities Workers perform routine tasks in the maintenance, alteration and repair of buildings and related facilities and equipment. Assignments may be given by craft workers or facilities mechanics.

Incumbents work as part of a maintenance crew or as assistants to skilled journey level craft workers; do rough concrete or carpentry work, install fire extinguisher, pencil sharpeners, blackboards, seismic anchoring devices, and the like; recognize electrical and mechanical malfunctions; remove or replace plumbing fixtures such as soap tanks and dispensers, toilet seats, bathroom hardware (exclusive of locksets) hot and cold water faucet washers (if valve is not remote); clear stoppages in toilets, sinks and floor drains; repair bathroom vanity equipment; erect scaffolding; paint markings on asphalt, floors or similar surfaces; make minor repairs to office furniture and equipment; repair fences and gates; lubricate all types of fans, motors, pumps, cooling, etc.; re-glue loose top set base (rubber base boarding); clean bearings, fan housing, squirrel cages, fan compartments, drain pans, and machine rooms; clean and repair soap tanks and dispensers; clean roof and patio drains; clean or replace light fixture diffuses, reflectors, and lens; clean out sediment traps in waste system; make minor repairs to buffing, scrubbing and other motorized equipment; replace filters and adjust gauges on filtering equipment, lamp holders and sockets; replace auditorium seats and repair classroom chairs; replace fluorescent ballasts, chair casters and glides, adjust desk drawers and typewriter trays and other office furniture; do preparatory work for painting projects by washing walls, filling in or smoothing surfaces, masking areas and setting up scaffolding; reset or tighten threshold plates; repair or replace window hardware; operate and maintain a variety of power and hand tools of the various trades; and may drive a truck or other light vehicle in the course of these duties.