FAQs on Salary Plan for Policy-Covered Staff

Yes, unless the employee hire date was after January 1, 2013. If the hire date was before January 1, 2013, and the employee meets all other criteria, he/she would be eligible to receive a salary increase.

No. This particular salary plan is not a merit plan and is designed so that all eligible employees will receive a 3% increase. (The only exception is that certain Senior Management Group members will receive a lower increase or no increase.)

The salary increase will be processed centrally by using Web Merit. Departments will review Web Merit rosters and remove any staff employees who are ineligible for the salary increase. Please see these detailed instructions for WebMerit for more information.

Yes. As long as their employment contract is subject to PPSM Policy 30, they are eligible.

The contract would either need to be amended to include PPSM Policy30 or the salary could be re-negotiated.

The salary increase is effective July 1, 2013, for monthly paid employees and July 7, 2013, for biweekly paid employees.  Monthly paid employees will see the new pay rate on the August 1, 2013, paycheck and biweekly employees will see the new pay rate on the July 31, 2013, paycheck.

Yes. Under this Salary Plan, if a non-probationary career employee has not received a written evaluation, the employee’s overall evaluation is deemed to be satisfactory and therefore eligible for an increase. Employees whose performance review was “Unsatisfactory” or “Does Not Meet Expectations” may be excluded from this salary plan based on appropriate documentation by the department.

Student employees (casual-restricted appointments) are not eligible to participate in this Salary Plan.  

Rehired Retirees are not eligible to participate in the Salary Plan unless they have suspended their UCRP benefits.

No. Per Diem and Floater appointments are not eligible to participate in the Plan.