Food Service Mechanic

University of California, Los Angeles
July 2007


Class Specifications – G.25
Lead Food Service Mechanic - 8087
Food Service Mechanic  - 8201
Assistant Food Service Mechanic - 8088


Food Service Mechanics maintain and repair all types of commercial kitchen equipment and systems including but not limited to refrigeration, 120-480 volt electrical, and low-pressure steam equipment and auxiliary equipment such as water filtration, water softeners and compressed air systems. Incumbents perform skilled and semi-skilled tasks, on a regular and continuous basis, related to refrigeration equipment (including ice machines, refrigerators and walk-in coolers and freezers), heating equipment (including fryers, grills, warmers, steamers, ovens and combi-ovens), food prep equipment (including drink dispensers and slicers), and other equipment (including dishwashers, pots machines and roto-stacks); maintain the plumbing, electrical and mechanical components of the kitchen building systems; and may perform major overhaul and repair work that involves disassembly and inspection of parts, replacement of defective or worn parts, reassembly of equipment, instruments and/or controls, and testing of equipment to insure that it is functioning properly. Incumbents use a variety of test equipment and instruments to locate and diagnose malfunctions in all equipment and systems and must be thoroughly familiar with legal requirements and safety codes related to the installation and operation of kitchen equipment and systems and to insure that such systems on the campus are in compliance with the legal requirements and safety codes. Incumbents may perform other related duties as assigned.


Lead Food Service Mechanic

Under supervision, incumbents serve as work leaders of a small group of Food Service Mechanics and Assistant Food Service Mechanics. Incumbents typically give instructions to carry out assigned tasks; maintain time and material records; order supplies; and perform the full range of job duties as outlined in the series concept.

Food Service Mechanic

Under supervision, incumbents generally perform the full range of duties as outlined in the series concept.

Assistant Food Service Mechanic

Under direct supervision, the Assistant Food Service Mechanic shall perform semi-skilled maintenance and repair tasks associated with the repair and maintenance of commercial food service equipment components. Duties include electrical, mechanical, and/or plumbing repairs not requiring a licensed technician. Complete work assignments and other duties as assigned.


Applicants for Food Service Mechanic positions must have a thorough knowledge of the theory and operation of major types of refrigeration equipment and of the materials, equipment and techniques used in the repair and maintenance of such equipment. Incumbent must possess a universal certificate from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for handling, purchasing and atmospheric discharging of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs).