Irrigation Mechanic

University of California, Los Angeles
March 2007


Class Specifications – G. 25
Irrigation Mechanic - 8102

Class Concept

Irrigation Mechanics perform a variety of semi-skilled irrigation duties including installing and maintaining manual and automatic irrigation systems and related equipment such as hydraulic and electrical irrigation controllers; irrigation control wires; PVC, galvanized iron and copper irrigation lines; automatic and manual valves; and drip, mechanical or hydraulic irrigation heads. Incumbents inspect irrigation systems; adjust and make minor repairs to controllers; adjust automatic and manual valves, and complex sprinkler heads; set up a preventative maintenance program for installed systems; write material orders for repairs, parts and material supplies; and perform related duties as required. Incumbents may direct the work of laborers and grounds equipment operators in excavation required for irrigation system installation, maintenance and repair, and may also direct the work of groundskeepers in maintenance of irrigation systems.

Positions in this series are distinguished from the Groundskeeper series in that Irrigation Mechanics have responsibility for installation and complex maintenance of irrigation systems while Groundskeepers perform minor maintenance during operation of irrigation systems, such as replacement of sprinkler heads and adjustment of spray.


Applicants for positions in this series are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.