Updated On September 16, 2014 - 10:58am

Manual Processing Instructions for UPTE RX/TX 3% Salary Range Increase FY 2014-15

Increase effective dates: 10/01/14 (Monthly) and 10/12/2014 (Biweekly)

Processing Instructions

Biweekly – End the old distribution:  10/11/14 – Begin the new distribution: 10/12/14

Monthly – End the old distribution:  09/30/14 – Begin the new distribution: 10/01/14

Enter Personnel Action Code 33 (Manual Range Adjustment) on the distribution line.

Note: Don’t forget to enter Pan Comments reflecting the new rates - October 1, 2014 3% Salary Increase for Monthly and October 12, 2014 for Biweekly staff.

Processing Deadlines

Temporary Freeze on EDB Processing:  9/29/14 through 10/3/14

Please withhold processing any changes during this period that will effect appointment and distribution information on employees that are eligible for the range adjustment. Any appointment and distribution changes processed in EDB during this period can disrupt central processing and the update of the new rate on an employee’s record. Should this occur, EDB preparers must manually process the across the board (ATB) increase on-line in EDB.

Manual Processing Window:  10/6/14 through 10/17/14

The new rates can be entered immediately using the effective dates 10/12/14 (biweekly) and 10/1/2014 (monthly). However the rates must be entered in the EDB by pay compute.

Note: The pay compute dates are the absolute deadlines to enter the rates in EDB. However, to effect the rosters, follow the deadline dates published in the on-line PPS Schedule on the Payroll Services website: https://ucla.app.box.com/pyrl-pdf-pps-sched14


RX/TX 3% ATB Increase Implementation Schedule
Effective 10/01/14 Monthly and 10/12/14 Biweekly







EDB reflects new rates




IPAY screens available for the 10/31/14 MO payday.




Salary increase on Monthly paychecks




IPAY screens available for the 11/05/14 BW payday




Salary increase on Bi-Weekly paychecks



Contact Campus Human Resources Compensation at 310-794-0880 or your Compensation Consultant with questions regarding these upcoming wage changes. Questions regarding EDB should be directed to CHR Policy and Personnel Services at 310-794-3147