Updated On September 24, 2015 - 9:34am

UC Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage Plan Implementation FAQs

Q: When will the new plan take effect for UC employees?

A: The plan will take effect beginning October, and minimum hourly pay will increase in phases as follows:

  • At least $13/hour beginning October 1, 2015
  • At least $14/hour beginning October 1, 2016
  • At least $15/hour beginning October 1, 2017

Q: What is the eligibility criteria used for the Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage Plan?

A: The relevant criteria used for the implementation of the Fair Wage/Fair Work minimum wage plan are:

  • Type of appointment; and
  • Percentage of appointment (50% or greater).

Q: What appointment types are eligible?

A: Policy covered employees with a 50% or greater appointment in the following appointment types are eligible:

  • Career or partial year career
  • Contract
  • Limited
  • Floater
  • Per Diem

Q: What appointments are NOT eligible for the Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage Plan?

A: The following are not eligible for the Fair Wage/Fair Work minimum wage:

  • Casual restricted appointments
  • Appointments that are less than 50%

Q: What if an employee holds multiple appointments that add up to 50% or greater but none of appointments individually is 50% or greater?

A: Each appointment should be evaluated and viewed separately against the eligibility criteria – type of appointment and percentage of appointment. Appointments will not be added together to achieve the threshold of 50% or greater.

Q: How is percentage of appointment determined?

A: Appointment percentage should be set and reviewed on an annual basis. The appointment percentage should be predictive of the hours that an employee will work on average. This means that is will be really important to set an accurate percentage even for variable appointments. It will make the difference as to whether an employee qualifies for the Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage.

Q: Are employees who earn a salary or other flat payments eligible?

A: No, employees who are paid a salary or flat payment are not eligible for the plan.

Q: Will there be a budget allocation from UCOP to cover the costs?

A: No, each campus is deploying their funding and implementation plans to meet the President’s schedule locally. This was discussed with the Chancellors as an agreed upon approach.

Q: Will Fair Wage/Fair Work apply to current labor contracts?

A: No, the University has no plans to open existing labor contracts with regards to these issues. For employees covered by collective bargaining agreement; the University will provide notice to the applicable union and adjust pay to the Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage based on the eligibility criteria.

Q: Will Systemwide programming be made available for this Fair Wage / Fair Work in October 2015?

A: No, HRIS will not be providing Systemwide programming to the locations for the October 1, 2015 Fair Wage / Fair Work Minimum Wage.

Q. Do salary range minimums need to be consistent with the Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage Rate?

A. No, PPSM 30 Sec III.B.1 requires that salary range minimums be established at a level at least consistent with federal, state, and local minimum wage provisions in the communities where the Executive Officer is located. However, employees must be paid at least the Fair Wage/Fair Work Minimum Wage for any eligible appointments.

Q: Can tips be included in determining hourly rate?

A: No, tips are not included in the calculation to determine hourly rates.