Vending Machine Technician

University of California, Los Angeles
March 2007


Class Specifications – G. 25
Vending Machine Technician - 8223



Vending Machine Technicians perform mechanical, electrical/electronic, plumbing and refrigeration repairs on vending machines and microwave oven equipment; keep inventories; order parts and small equipment; maintain repair records; install machines; may fill, clean and sanitize equipment; and may drive a truck or other light vehicle in the course of duty.

Working from electrical diagrams, blueprints, sketches or verbal instructions, incumbents maintain and repair icemakers, ice-cream freezers and food refrigeration units in vending machines and refrigerated units for trucks and walk-in coolers, using suction pumps, high and low-pressure gauges and leak detectors and requiring a working knowledge of compressors, rancos, pressure and CO2 gauges, condensers, refrigerants, heat exchangers and other refrigeration components; test malfunctioning electrical/electronic systems and equipment such as motors, transformers, wiring, switches and alarms with ammeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters and other test instruments; repair equipment by replacing defective or burnt-out elements, transistors, resistors, switches and fuses, bypassing or replacing defective wiring, filing switch contact points, soldering or silver-soldering wires and cleaning motors; repair plumbing shut-off and pressure relief valves, flow regulators and hot water heaters; replace copper tubing, valves and washers; drill locks and change coders; and may repair, repaint and refurbish damaged metal.


Applicants for positions in the Vending Machine Technician classification are expected to possess the skills, knowledge and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.