Compensation Service Level Agreements

In order to continuously improve the services that Campus Human Resources provides, Employment & Compensation Services has made the following change to the Compensation module in the PeopleAdmin system. A question has been added that asks if the position you are submitting for review is also going to be submitted for recruitment. Positions submitted for review and reclassification for recruitment will be given priority by our staff unless you advise us otherwise. Additionally, standard turnaround times have been implemented for all other reclassification/classification requests as shown below.

  • Staff Recruitment – staff reclassification/classification reviews for recruitment will be completed within 72 hours.
  • MSP Recruitment - MSP positions at grades 1-4 submitted for reclassification/classification for recruitment will be completed within 15 business days. (Requests for grading of positions at MSP 5 and above require review by the campus MSP Committee and thus may require more time for completion of the process.)
  • All remaining positions submitted for reclassification/classification will be completed within 30 business days.

For these turnaround times to be met, you will need to submit a fully executed compensation package for review. This includes a job description, a cover letter describing why the position needs to be reviewed and a current organization chart. If packages submitted are missing any of this information, it may be necessary for our timelines to be adjusted and/or for the request to be returned to you for more information.

With these new service level agreements, the process for submittal of these actions will be much more effective. This is the first in a series of upgrades and improvements that Employment & Compensation Services will be undertaking and your input is welcome throughout these changes.

If you should have any questions, contact your Compensation Consultant.

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