Did You Know?

The Fit Squad is a mobile unit of fitness educators from UCLA Recreation who are available to deliver ergonomic and injury-prevention seminars to campus workplaces. The Fit Squad not only acts as an education unit, but it is an integral group in promoting the FITWELL Program. FITWELL, a campus-wide wellness initiative, is intended to educate, motivate and empower employees and students to make healthy lifestyle choices specifically in the areas of fitness and exercise, nutrition and weight management, stress management and general health education.

The Fit Squad features fitness professionals who go to UCLA departments and lead a variety of programs, workshops and classes designed to get employees fit and on their way to a healthier life. These programs can also be customized for specific departmental needs as an active- or lecture-style session.

A series of workshops called “FIT TO” focus on resolving particular stressors that affect many types of jobs including sitting or standing for long periods of time, lifting, bending or other repetitive workplace actions. The following are just some of the “Fit To” programs the Fit Squad conducts:

  • FIT To Sit teaches proper sitting posture and provides an exercise regimen to improve fitness for those who sit for long periods of time.
  • FIT to Work is tailored to specific job duties within a department or group (lifting, twisting, standing, bending, etc.).
  • Other FIT To Workshops include Core Fit, Healthy Back, Fitness Basics, Cardio Fit, Muscle Fit, Stretch It, Mindful Sensory Walks and Guided Meditation.

The mobile Fit Squad brings workplace wellness to employees and can offer sessions at break time, before work shifts, lunch hour or even after work. Good health doesn’t get any easier than that! To find out more about the Fit Squad, the FITWELL Program and how to take advantage of this UCLA benefit, see Related Information or contact the John Wooden Center.


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