EVLSP Processing Guidelines

Emergency Vacation Leave Sharing Program (EVLSP) is an emergency program for temporary implementation in response to Hurricane Katrina. The EVLSP allows an employee to donate accrued vacation credits to another employee when the recipient employee:

  • Needs to assist family or friends who have been directly affected by Hurricane Katrina or
  • Wants to participate in disaster relief work but is not eligible for administrative leave with pay or leave of absence with pay (APM – 758) and
  • Lacks sufficient vacation balances or other paid leave credits to cover his or her absence

UCLA campus guidelines for the Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program are applied in determining the methods for donating and tracking vacation credits (although recipients of EVLSP donations are not required to have exhausted their sick leave balances). Donations may be made to a central bank or to an eligible employee.

Employees and supervisors must submit donations of vacation credits and requests for donated credits to Campus Human Resources, Healthcare Human Resources, or Academic Personnel, respectively. Catastrophic Leave Program guidelines, a Donor Form, and a Recipient Application Request are available through Campus Human Resources.

Requests for donations under the EVLSP may be granted through June 30, 2006. Application of the program to exclusively represented employees is subject to union notice procedures.

Departmental Processing of Leave Credits

The recipient employee’s department head (or designee) is responsible for:

  • Approving need for time off due to relief efforts
  • Determining whether an applicant is eligible to participate in the EVLSP
  • Verifying that relevant paid leave balances (vacation, compensatory time off, blood bank hours) have been exhausted
  • Submitting appropriate documentation to support applications for donations requested through the central EVLSP bank
  • Coordinating all requests with the campus Hurricane Katrina Program Coordinator, Academic Personnel, or Healthcare Human Resources
  • Ensuring that only the hours needed by the recipient are actually credited

The donor employee’s department head (or designee) is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that donations meet eligibility criteria
  • Processing deductions from the employee’s vacation leave balances

Recording and Processing Vacation Leave Hours in EDB

The appropriate method for recording and transferring vacation leave hours is as follows:

  • When deducting the donated vacation hours from the leave balance of the donor, the leave balance should be reduced using the DOS code Vacation Leave Sharing (VLS) so that the department does not receive a credit from the financial-leave reserve account.
  • When approving the crediting of vacation hours to the recipient’s vacation leave balance, the leave balance should be increased using the DOS code VLS so that the department is not charged for leave assessment by the financial-leave system.

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