Guidelines on Recruitment through Social Networks

The Office of the President has issued guidelines on the use of social networking for recruitment. Campus Human Resources Employment Consultants are designated as the Campus contact for social-networking oversight. Employment Consultants regularly use LinkedIn, Facebook and various other sites to recruit and advertise open jobs at UCLA. If your department wishes to coordinate a job search using a social-networking site, contact Employment Services to ensure that University guidelines are applied appropriately.

As outlined in the guidelines, key points for those who use social networking for recruitment include:

  • Ensure compliance with University policies and protect the University’s data through privacy settings.
  • Comply with Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity requirements.
  • Advise all interested applicants to apply for the job opportunity through the UCLA Careers Opportunity website.
  • Use the employment application to verify personal information relevant to the position.
  • Use the standard University background check and reference check process for final candidates.

The University Guidelines in their entirety are posted in Related Information. If you have any questions, contact your CHR Employment Consultant.

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