Implementation of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The University is subject to California's AB1825 requirement that sexual harassment prevention (SHP) training take place on a two-year re-training cycle. Supervisors, managers and faculty initially trained under this law in 2005 were required to complete the re-training by the end of 2007, along with any new hires not yet trained during the course of their employment at UC. The UC Office of the President, which is managing this training initiative centrally, rolled out an online training course in the fall of 2007.

In response to various technical and logistical challenges with the online course, UCOP announced just prior to the winter holidays that new software for the course was being implemented and that the deadline for completion was extended until March 1, 2008.

The following describes UCOP’s latest updates on course implementation of the Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training:

  • Starting Dec. 21, 2007, reminders were sent to individuals who had not yet completed the training.
  • Those who had asked for a link to the course received an email with updated information (that is, if they have been designated as a supervisor in the payroll system and are required to take the training at this time).
  • Those emails included a link to a repurposed course that has improved browser capability to reduce issues with connectivity and MAC access. UCOP has also improved the bookmarking feature and timer tracking.
  • A supervisor’s old link to the original online course will no longer work and they will need to use the link contained in the email reminders. Those who already started the course and were planning to return to it may be directed to the beginning of the course rather than to the point at which they left off. In such cases, ask supervisors to e-mail UCOP Training directly at and they will reset their course to the proper spot in the program.
  • Those who recently took an instructor-led course may receive an email asking them to complete the course. Ask supervisors to disregard this email. UCOP will update all records shortly.
  • UCOP has been given permission to extend the deadline for completion to March 1, 2008, due to the many technical difficulties that have been associated with this course. 

There are also in-person training options available at UCLA:

  • Live workshops (targeted to faculty but open to staff supervisors) are available in January and February.  Please contact Cathy Bell at (310) 206-3476 or to register.
  • Departmental training sessions may be arranged through the Sexual Harassment Training Officer as her schedule permits. Contact Cathy Bell at (310) 206-3476 to make arrangements.
  • Classroom training is available on February 28, 2008, and can be enrolled through CHR’s Training and Development program (see Related Information). 

Currently, the best source of specific information and resolution of individual’s issues with SHP courses is via direct inquiry to Contact Pamela Thomason (x6-3476) or Campus Human Resources, Training and Development at (x4-0850) for any desired assistance.

Campus Human Resources, Training and Development
Phone: (310) 794-0850 | Fax: (310) 794-0855