Minimum Rate Increase for CUE-Teamsters Clerical Unit (CX)

Pursuant to the agreement between the University of California and the CUE-Teamsters bargaining unit, UCLA will be implementing the following salary action for Clerical Unit (CX) employees effective April 1, 2013, for monthly paid employees and March 31, 2013, for biweekly paid employees.

Increase to Minimum Rate

The minimum rate for the following classifications was increased to $14.22/hr.


Title Code

Payroll Title


Child Development Center Teacher 1


Child Development Center Assistant


Clerk, Senior/Secretary - Per Diem


Clerk, Senior/Secretary*




Clerk - Per Diem


Key Entry Operator*


Key Entry Operator, Assistant




Bibliographer I


Survey Worker

*Minimum for title code 4672, Senior Clerk/Secretary was increased to $14.32/hr due to compaction with title code 4673, Clerk. Step 1.0 and Step 2.0 rates were adjusted for title code 4773, Key Entry Operator.

Note: All steps below the new minimum were removed. Step 1.0 is now $14.22/hr. and all other steps have been renumbered.

Employees whose rates were below $14.22/hr have been adjusted centrally. New rates will appear in EDB on April 9, 2013. Departments can check IPAY screens for biweekly paid employees on April 19, 2013, and April 25, 2013, for monthly paid employees. The new rates will be reflected on the May 1, 2013, paycheck for monthly paid employees and April 24, 2013, paycheck for biweekly paid employees. 

Departmental Processing

  1. Departments need to go into EDB and update the current steps of all employees in the affected titles to reflect the new step numbers.
  2. The Title & Pay Plan has been updated to reflect the new rates and steps.
  3. Departments must complete EDB updates by May 11, 2013.

Contact Campus Human Resources Compensation at (310) 794-0890 or your Compensation Consultant with questions regarding this upcoming wage change. Questions regarding EDB should be directed to Campus Personnel Services at (310) 794-3147

Campus Human Resources, Compensation Services
Phone: (310) 794-0880 | Fax: (310) 794-0875