New Employee Orientation Program


Re: New Employee Orientation Program

In an effort to provide new UCLA employees with a more comprehensive, interactive, and informative introduction to the University workplace, the New Employee Orientation Program has been restructured. Offered through the Campus Human Resources (CHR) Training and Development unit, the program welcomes new staff to the UCLA community and assists departments in connecting their employees with University policies and procedures, benefit-related resources, emergency contacts, and online tools.

The New Employee Orientation Program includes the following changes:

  • Easier access to program at a central campus location
  • Two full-session programs offered each month to accommodate new staff during their Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE)
  • Streamlined content and interactive agenda
  • Ongoing program evaluation
  • “Welcome” gifts for use in the workplace

Program changes reflect recommendations made by one of our 2004 Professional Development Program (PDP) teams. The PDP team benchmarked best practices, surveyed previous participants, interviewed key UCLA administrators, and reviewed past evaluations.

Please encourage your new staff members to participate in the program at their earliest convenience. It will help them gain a more thorough understanding of the wide range of benefits and resources available at UCLA. As a courtesy, a “Welcome” letter will be sent to all employees who sign up for the program through the UC Learning Center. The letter will include helpful information such as the date, time, and location of the New Employee Orientation Program they will be attending.

The New Employee Orientation Program is held at the Faculty Center on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. For more details about the program and how your staff can enroll, contact Campus Human Resources, Training and Development at (310) 794-0850 or visit the UC Learning Center.

Lubbe Levin
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Human Resources

Campus Human Resources, Training and Development
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