New Patent Lookup Tool

A new online tool to help administrators confirm whether faculty and staff have signed the 2011 Amendment to the Patent Agreement/Acknowledgment is now available.

The Patent Amendment Signature Data Search tool enables administrators to search either by employee ID and location or by employee name and location to determine whether an individual has signed the Patent Amendment or the updated Patent Acknowledgment that became effective on November 1, 2011. 

Administrators must provide the employee name as stated in the Payroll Personnel System. After entering the information, the tool will display either:

  • The date and time an employee signed the Amendment


  • A message indicating that the faculty or staff member has not signed the Amendment

If an individual was hired November 1, 2011, or later, the query page will indicate that "no employee record was found" as this database tracks only those who signed the Amendment. For those employees who signed the updated Patent Acknowledgment, the document should be in the location's office of record in accordance with local HR procedures.

Employees who may have signed a paper copy of the Amendment also are not reflected in the search results.

In addition, faculty and staff who have not previously signed the Patent Amendment are now able to do so by signing in to their personal account on At Your Service Online and selecting "My Patent Amendment." These new signatures will be available in the search tool.

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