New Standards to Facilitate Data Conversion

The EDB/PPS Data Conversion and Clean-Up for the UCPath project is underway. In order to facilitate the data conversion, format standards have been developed and should be applied as detailed below.

For the conversion to PeopleSoft, new Name Suffix Standards have been created. The valid Name Suffixes are: II, III, Jr., Sr., IV and V. These are the only suffixes that will be converted. The invalid suffixes currently in EDB, such as Ph.D., Dr., Ms., for example, will be deleted by central IT Services as of September 1, 2012. However, effective immediately, ask EDB Preparers to enter only the valid suffixes when processing name information in EDB.

In addition, data conversion and clean-up efforts on Home Address information has begun. United States Post Office Address Delivery Standards are being applied to the conversion. For the EDB Preparers’ use when entering the address information in EDB, the standard format may be found in Related Information.

Employees are encouraged to visit At Your Service Online (AYSO) to make sure their home address information is current and to update appropriately if needed. 

PeopleSoft will be the record for all job-related information,The data reflecting license and certification requirements, as well as educational degrees, currently maintained in EDB will be converted to PeopleSoft. If your department maintains job-related data of this kind in a “shadow” system, forward the name of the system used and the type of license, certificate and degree that is stored in the system to either Lazetta Smith, for staff personnel; Esther Hamil, for academic personnel; or Kety Duron, for Health System or School of Medicine personnel. 

If you have any questions about the data clean-up or conversion process, contact the UCPath team at: