Policy Revisions to PPSM 2, PPSM 21 and PPSM 83 - Domestic Partners


Re: Policy Revisions to PPSM 2 (Definition of Terms), PPSM 21 (Appointment) and PPSM 83 (Death Payments) – Domestic Partners

President Dynes has issued revisions to the above referenced staff personnel polices to include Domestic Partners. The policy revisions include the following: addition of a definition of “domestic partner” in PPSM 2 (Definition of Terms), inclusion of domestic partners within the group of near relatives in PPSM 21 (Appointment) and addition of domestic partners to the beneficiary order of succession stated in PPSM 83 (Death Payments).

The University has developed a new form, Declaration of Domestic Partnership, for use by employees to establish their domestic partnership with the University. The form will help to determine a domestic partner’s eligibility for a number of survivor and death benefits, including the death payment under PPSM 83. 

The revised policies became effective on January 29, 2007, and are available on the "At Your Service" website. UCLA’s updated implementing procedures will be issued soon. 

If you have any questions regarding the revisions, please contact Manager Lazetta Smith in Campus Human Resources at (310) 794-0877 or Director Maure Gardner at (310) 794-0500g in Healthcare Human Resources.


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