PPSM 20 and PPSM 50 Policy Revisions Issued


Re: Revisions to Personnel Policies for Staff Members
Policy 20 – Recruitment and Policy 50 – Professional Development

The University’s Office of the President has issued the two policy revisions noted above, along with associated University-wide procedures designed to assist in the development of campus implementing procedures. The policy changes are intended to provide the means to assist employees in professional development and career growth. (These provisions apply only to policy-covered employees; provisions for represented employees are covered under the applicable collective bargaining agreement.)

You may recall that these policy revisions are part of a broader review of Personnel Policies for Staff Members and are designed to acknowledge the professionalism of staff, emphasize their opportunities for career development and professional growth at the University, and strengthen resources to balance work and life needs. 

The revised policies and new procedures are effective January 1, 2006, and will be available online at that point.

Campus Human Resources will be updating our local campus procedures to reflect the policy revisions. We will be consulting schools and departments as we develop further guidance regarding the new components of the policies, including the possibility of establishing pilot programs related to the internship or career ladder components of these policies. Please contact Director Robert Gibson if your organization is interested in participating in the development of such pilot programs.  

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