PPSM 23 and PPSM 36 Revisions Approved


Re: Revised Personnel Policies for Staff Members:
Policy 23 – Performance Appraisal and Policy 36 – Classification of Positions

The University’s Office of the President has issued the policy revisions and associated University-wide procedures noted above. These policy changes are intended to support ongoing communication between employees and their supervisors in performance management and appraisal, as well as provide additional guidance about classification of positions. These policies apply to employees who are not exclusively represented by a union; provisions for represented employees are covered under the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

These policy revisions were made as part of a broader review of Personnel Policies for Staff Members. This ongoing review is designed to acknowledge the professionalism of staff employees, emphasize opportunities for career development and professional growth at the University, and strengthen resources for employees to balance their work and life needs.

The revised policy on Performance Management (PPSM 23) includes the following changes:

  • Language has been added on the importance of ongoing communication between a supervisor and an employee in order to enhance job performance, professional development, and career growth.
  • The policy emphasizes the role of performance expectations and goals in the written performance appraisal process, and in the identification of options for acquiring additional skills and knowledge.

In addition, the policy name was broadened from “Performance Appraisal” to “Performance Management” to reinforce and support the concept that good performance management is an ongoing process that extends beyond an annual performance review.

The policy on Classification of Positions (PPSM 36) includes the following changes:

  • The policy clarifies that significant changes in job duties and responsibilities may prompt a reclassification review.
  • The policy allows either an employee or a department to initiate a request for classification review to assess whether the employee’s position is appropriately classified. 

The revised polices and new procedures will take effect as of December 1, 2005. Updated implementing procedures for UCLA are being developed and will be issued in the near future in order to reflect these systemwide policy revisions.


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