Proposed Revisions to PPSM 2, PPSM 21 and PPSM 83


Re: Proposed Revisions to Add Domestic Partner to PPSM 2 (Definition of Terms), PPSM 21 (Appointment), and PPSM 83 (Death Payments)

As part of the University's ongoing effort to update personnel policies, the Office of the President is proposing revisions that would add "Domestic Partner" to the following Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM): PPSM 2 (Definition of Terms), PPSM 21 (Appointment), and PPSM 83 (Death Payments). The proposed revisions are applicable to all policy-covered staff. Provisions affecting exclusively represented employees are reflected in the applicable collective bargaining agreement.

Proposed changes to PPSM 2 (Definition of Terms):

It is proposed that a definition for domestic partner be added so that all policy references are consistent.

Proposed changes to PPSM 21 G. (Appointment—Near Relatives):

Policy 21 G. prohibits the employment of near relatives in the same department unless approved by the Chancellor as being in the best interests of the University. It is proposed that "domestic partner" be added to the definition of near relative under this policy, which currently covers spouse, parent, child, and sibling.

Proposed changes to PPSM 83 (Death Payments):

Policy 83 provides to a survivor beneficiary upon the death of an eligible employee a sum equal to one month's salary. Revisions are being proposed to this policy as a result of amendments approved by The Regents to Standing Order 103.8 (Death Benefit) which:

  • Added "domestic partner" to the beneficiary provision; and
  • Revised the beneficiary order of succession (in conformance with other employee benefit plans and programs that provide death benefits), as follows: legal spouse or domestic partner, child or children, parent or parents, or siblings; or if there is no survivor in the foregoing categories, to the estate; or if there is no estate, to the beneficiary designated in the University-paid life insurance policy

As with all formal University policy reviews, we encourage you to share the proposed revisions with policy-covered staff and provide an opportunity for them to comment. Comments or questions from the campus should be directed to Manager Lazetta Smith at or from the medical center and healthcare facilities to Director Maure Gardner at by August 25, 2006.


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