Proposed Revisions to PPSM 23 and PPSM 36


Re: Proposed Revisions to Personnel Policies for Staff Members:
Policy 23 – Performance Appraisal and Policy 36 – Classification of Positions

As part of the University’s ongoing commitment to providing outstanding benefits, programs and career opportunities for all employees, a review of various Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) is underway, particularly to emphasize opportunities for career development and professional growth for staff, and to provide policy support for employees in balancing their work/life needs. The proposed changes are intended to apply to policy-covered (non-represented) employees, while provisions covering exclusively represented employees are reflected in applicable collective bargaining agreements.

You may recall that in June 2005, we distributed proposed revisions to PPSM 20 (Recruitment) and PPSM 50 (Professional Development) to the UCLA community. Comments from UCLA staff regarding these proposals have been forwarded to UC’s Office of the President, and we expect to receive final versions of these policies soon.

Attached for your review are two additional proposals and associated University-wide procedures. In order to foster effective communication between employees and their supervisors in performance management and appraisal, as well as clarify the classification review process, revisions to PPSM 23 (Performance Appraisal) and PPSM 36 (Classification of Positions) are proposed. Systemwide implementation procedures are also being proposed to provide guidance and consistency in policy application.

  • The major proposed changes to PPSM 23 reflect the importance of ongoing communication between a supervisor and an employee regarding performance, professional development, and career growth.
  • The concept of PPSM 23 is broadened from “Performance Appraisal” to “Performance Management” to reinforce and support the concept that good performance management is an ongoing process and more complex than conducting an annual performance review.
  • The major proposed change to PPSM 36 is the explicit statement that an employee (in addition to a department) may formally request a classification review to help ensure that the employee’s position is appropriately classified and reflects assigned job duties.

This is a formal review. We encourage you to share the proposed revisions widely among policy-covered staff and provide an opportunity for them to comment. Comments from the campus should be directed to Director Hilu Bloch at or from the medical center and healthcare facilities to Director Maure Gardner at We would appreciate receiving your comments by September 15, 2005.


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