Proposed UCLA Guidelines for Telecommuting


Re: Proposed UCLA Guidelines for Telecommuting

In response to requests from campus departments, we have developed draft guidelines to support telecommuting arrangements for staff in circumstances where such alternate arrangements may be effective for the work context and appropriate in relation to the employee’s assigned job duties. Telecommuting agreements require the Department Head’s approval, and a Model Telecommuting Agreement has been developed for your use.

It is recognized that telecommuting is a privilege and may be an effective option in supporting work-life needs. The proposed guidelines are intended to help you assess and implement telecommuting requests on a case-by-case basis, including determination of whether the work setting and job duties are appropriate for telecommuting. In addition to the proposed telecommuting guidelines, we encourage you to read “Telecommuting: Frequently Asked Questions” and “Effective Telecommuting Considerations” available in Related Information.

Comments from campus departments and employees may be directed to Manager Lazetta Smith at or Director Bill Nelson at wmnelson@chr.ucla.eduWe would appreciate receiving your comments by March 5, 2009.


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