Proposed UCLA Procedures for Lactation Accommodation


Re:  Proposed UCLA Procedures for Lactation Accommodation
The University encourages and supports services and resources for maintaining employee job satisfaction and quality of life. As part of that continuing effort, UCLA has developed a campus-wide Lactation Accommodation Procedure to recognize the needs of employees who are nursing mothers. 

In compliance with state law, the major areas of the procedure address the following:

  • A reasonable amount of time should be provided for lactation accommodation and if possible, the lactation accommodation should coincide with the employee’s paid break time; and
  • A reasonable effort shall be made to provide the employee with the use of an office or other location in close proximity to the employee's work area so that the employee may have privacy.

This procedure formalizes current practice. Please provide an opportunity for employees to comment on the proposed procedure. Comments from the campus should be directed to Lazetta Smith at Comments from Health System employees should be directed to Judith Wong at We would appreciate receiving your comments by March 25, 2008.

The proposed UCLA Lactation Accommodation Procedure is in Related Information.


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