Rate Changes to Shift Differentials for CX, SX, RX, TX Units

The University of California and the unions representing our Clerical Unit (CX), Service Unit (SX), Research Support Unit (RX) and Technical Unit (TX) have reached agreement on increases to Shift Differentials effective July 1, 2007, for both monthly and biweekly paid employees.

Increases to Shift Differential rates are as follows:

  • CX and SX - Shift Differentials will increase by .10 cents per hour.
  • RX and TX - Shift Differentials will increase by .15 cents per hour.
  • Note: The above increases will not exceed $1.25 for evenings and $2.00 for nights.

These changes will be made centrally and will be uploaded into EDB the evening of July 9, 2007, for your review on July 10, 2007. Changes will be on paychecks of August 1, 2007, for monthly paid employees and paychecks of July 25, 2007, for biweekly paid employees. The new rates will soon be updated to the Title and Pay Plan.

These new rates will also be effective simultaneously for those policy-covered classifications that are closely related to the affected represented classifications. A listing of these policy-covered classifications, along with the change and the new rate, is in Related Information.

Contact Compensation Services with any rate-related questions or contact Personnel Services for questions regarding EDB. 

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