Recruitment & Professional Development Policy Revisions Proposed

In support of its commitment to career advancement and professional development, the University has proposed significant changes to its Recruitment and Professional Development policies applicable to policy-covered staff. These policy revisions are part of a larger set of proposed UC policy changes that emphasize the importance of career development and professional growth, as well as encourage practices to assist employees in balancing work/life needs.

The proposed changes to Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM) 20 and 50 are designed to support professional development and career growth opportunities. The campus expects to receive final decisions on policy language from the Office of the President later this summer.

Proposed PPSM 20 (Recruitment) policy changes would allow the campus to offer several new options, including:

  • Use of “career-ladder” recruitment within a single-class series
  • Opportunity to waive recruitment in the context of successful completion of an internship program

Proposed PPSM 50 (Professional Development) policy changes include:

  • Enhanced professional development language
  • Support for granting 80 hours of release time per calendar year for employee development with departmental approval

For detailed information about PPSM 20 and 50, see the related link on the right. These policies apply only to professional and supervisory staff who are covered by PPSM. (See provisions of the applicable labor contract for exclusively represented employees.)

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