Salary Actions for HX Unit

Pursuant to the agreement between the University Professional and Technical Employees Union (UPTE), UCLA will be implementing the following salary actions for the Health Care Professionals Unit (HX) employees effective December 1, 2010, for monthly paid employees and December 12, 2010, for biweekly paid employees. Eligible employees are those members of the bargaining unit on active status or on an approved leave on the effective date of the increase and who remain on payroll when the payment is calculated. All changes will be made centrally except where it is otherwise stated.

Range Adjustments

  • All HX ranges and per diem rates will be increased by 2%. Consistent with this range movement, unit employees will receive a 2% salary increase. Rates may vary slightly due to rounding.

Equity Adjustments

  • Selected titles covered by HX will receive an additional equity adjustments raising the maximum of the salary range for affected titles. Rages may vary slightly due to rounding.

Step Increase

  • All eligible HX unit employees shall receive a within range step increase. For titles with experience based steps, increases will be provided according to those structures. Employees at the top step or above the range shall be paid a one-time, retirement eligible, non-base building lump sum based on current appointment percentage, at the annualized value of the portion of the step increase not received. Step movements do not apply to per diem classifications, therefore per diems are ineligible for the lump sum.

EDB will reflect the new rates on December 6, 2010. The IPAY screens will be available for monthly paid employees on December 17, 2010 and for biweekly paid employees on January 3, 2011.
Contact your Compensation Consultant with any questions regarding these changes and contact Policy Services at (310) 794-3147.

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