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Re: Sexual Harassment Prevention – Online Training

In compliance with California law (AB 1825), in 2005 the University of California began offering two hours of sexual harassment prevention training that designated supervisors must repeat every two years. Because they assign and direct the work of others, including research and teaching assistants, the University has determined that all faculty are considered supervisors for the purposes of this training and must complete this training. Also included are all members of senior management, all those holding a Management and Senior Professional title, and anyone supervising another employee.

Supervisors who completed the training in 2005 must now take the 2007 version of the course by December 31, 2007. Several options will be available this fall to support the statutory obligation to complete this training:

  • Online sexual harassment prevention training for all UC staff supervisors and managers is scheduled to begin in September 2007. A version for faculty will roll out in October 2007. This year, there will not be a separate version for medical center supervisors.
  • Departments can arrange live workshops through UCLA’s Title IX Office. If you wish to explore that option for your department, please contact Pamela Thomason at (310) 206-3417 or
  • Individuals who prefer to attend a live program may enroll in one of the regularly scheduled sessions open to all supervisors, including faculty members, through the UC Learning Center.
  • Two live theater-based workshops will be offered on Monday, October 22, 2007. These sessions will focus on the concerns of faculty members, but enrollment will be open to all supervisors. To reserve a seat, contact Cathy Bell in the Title IX Office at (310) 206-3476 or

If you are required to take the course this year, you will receive an email from Human Resources and Benefits, UCOP, with a personalized link to the online training course. Periodic reminders will be sent to those who have not completed the course. Unlike the 2005 program, online course management is being coordinated centrally by UCOP, with email invitations to be sent from Logistical questions with the online course should be directed to that email address.

The online course takes about two hours and tracks the time spent. To receive credit for full course completion and consistent with legal requirements, participants are required to spend two hours or more. The course can be taken from any computer with Internet access, and it does not need to be completed in one sitting. For more information, visit the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training website in Related Information.

We encourage everyone included in this requirement to support the University’s commitment to compliance with this training law and to learning more about how we can keep UCLA a workplace free of sexual harassment. If you have any questions about implementation of the online training program, please contact Director Robert Gibson, Training and Development, or Pamela Thomason, Title IX Officer.


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