Staff & Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program


Re: Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program

We are pleased to let you know that the Office of the President has issued guidelines for implementation of a new two-year Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) Program, effective July 1, 2008, through June 30, 2010. The program enables non-probationary career staff and academic appointees, except those in faculty and student academic titles and Postdoctoral Scholars, to voluntarily reduce their working time and corresponding pay in exchange for a number of advantages, such as accrual of UCRP service credit, vacation and sick leave at the employees’ pre-START rates. The reduction in time and pay will help us achieve temporary salary savings during this period of budgetary shortfall. 

In departments that choose to participate in START, an employee may request the department head’s approval to voluntarily reduce working time, within specific limits, from a minimum of one month to a maximum of 24 months. For exclusively represented employees, participation in START is subject to collective bargaining. 

At this time, the following unions have agreed to participate in the START Program: 

  • UPTE for the Technical, Staff Research Support and Healthcare Professional units
  • AFSCME for the Service (SX) and Patient Care Technical (EX) units
  • AFT for the Professional Librarians (LX) unit
  • CNA for the Registered Nurses (NX) unit
  • CUE for Clerical and Allied Service (CX) units

We will keep you informed about other bargaining units as we receive additional information.

Information about program eligibility and how to apply is posted in Related Information.

For questions regarding the START Program, please contact Esther Hamil at extension 55462 for academic appointees or Lazetta Smith at extension 40877 for campus staff. Although the UCLA Hospital System will not be participating in this program, Valerie Bakst may be contacted at extension 43339 for School of Medicine employees.  


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