Staff Achievement Awards (IAP Program) for Represented Employees

Specific represented employees continue to be eligible for the Staff Achievement Award Program under the IAP Program. Employees in the bargaining units noted below are eligible for awards under the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreement. The IAP assessment continues to be implemented through the Personnel/Payroll system. These employees’ eligibility will continue at least until the expiration of the applicable collective bargaining agreement:

Employee Bargaining Unit

Contract Expiration Date

Police Officers (FUPOA) 9/30/07
Nurses (NX)  6/30/07
Patient Care Technical (EX)9/30/07
Healthcare Professionals (HX)6/30/06

Skilled Crafts Unit employees may also continue to be eligible to participate in the Staff Achievement Award Program. Negotiation of a new bargaining agreement with their exclusive representative is underway. 

All payments to employees in these units should continue to be processed under the DOS code of “IAP” rather than the newly created “SRD” DOS Code for policy covered employees. Awards may be subject to the union notification process and applicable waiting period. Contact your Labor Relations Consultant or call extension 40860 for any questions in this regard. 

Questions about the processing of awards should be directed to Lazetta Smith at extension 40877 and questions regarding the payroll assessment to Paula Farrington at extension 51887.

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