Support Services Available for UCLA Staff Impacted by Wild Fires


Re: Southern California Fires

In order to provide support to UCLA employees who may be affected by the devastating wildfires across the region, I would like to remind you of the options available for emergency leave and for related support services.

Emergency Leave
Administrative leave with pay is available during natural disasters or other emergencies under section E of Policy 46 – Administrative Leave. In consultation with Campus Human Resources, Organization Heads may approve up to two days of administrative leave with pay and may request authorization for additional leave as needed to address situations in which employees are unable to report to work due to a natural disaster or emergency. Additionally, Departments have the discretion to allow employees who were unable to work as a result of the fires to use their accrued vacation, compensatory time off, or leave without pay. The option to use accrued vacation, compensatory time or leave without pay may also be made available to employees who volunteer for or are asked to participate in emergency response activities, such as volunteer firefighters. Employees called to active duty for emergency National Guard leave may be eligible to receive their regular University pay for up to 30 calendar days, in accordance with Policy 45 – Military Leave. Please contact Personnel Services Coordinator Lazetta Smith in Campus Human Resources for guidance on any of these policies and to initiate a request for administrative leave with pay.

Employee Assistance Program
Tragedies such as fires can take a serious toll on all of us. I would like to remind you that the professionals at the Staff and Faculty Counseling Center are available to help your employees deal with the impact of such disasters. The Center can be reached at (310) 794-0245.

403(b) Plan—Emergency Loans and Hardship Withdrawals
The University offers several options for emergency loans for employees in need of financial assistance. Employees with money in UC’s 403(b) Plan may borrow their own funds up to $50,000 for emergency needs. If employees are ineligible for a loan (for example, they have taken another loan within the last 12 months), they may be able to take a hardship withdrawal. Plan participants should call the plan’s master record keeper, Fidelity Investments Tax-Exempt Services (FITSCO) for information about loans and hardship withdrawals. Checks are issued within three to five business days. FITSCO can be reached at (866) 682-7787.
A+ Auto and Home Insurance
For those employees with A+ Auto & Home Insurance managed by California Casualty, please call its customer service center at 1-800-345-7244.
Website Information
The University offers a web site with information and resources regarding the wild fires.  See Related Information for the site address.

Please distribute this letter so that information is available to all employees who may be affected.


Lubbe Levin
Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campus Human Resources

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